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The author of this term paper "Leadership Skill Development and Application" claims that for a long time now, people have embarked on a search to define and understand leadership. However, people have always used management and leadership interchangeably even though the two concepts are dissimilar…
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Leadership Skill Development and Application
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Download file to see previous pages This is because the assessment tests contain questions, observations, and opinions regarding my ability to be a good leader and various leadership styles. With the inclusion of other people’s opinions on my character, there is a need for me to evaluate my traits and leadership styles. The tests and results will help me to apply the lessons learned both in my career and personal life. At the beginning of this paper, I explore my history as an aspiring leader, the changes I need to make in my life from the discussions and conclusions after the self-assessment tests and the skills learned from them. This will help me in my quest to be a successful leader in the future.
Just like any other individual in my class, I came to this class to gain knowledge and eventually pass my examinations and proceed to my dream career. However, as I attended this class, I realized that being in the college does not entail passing of examinations only. The last six weeks has changed my perception towards being an individual who would wish to lead others and achieve certain goals in life. The course on leadership has enlightened me on my personality traits and what it takes to be an effective leader. In addition, as an aspiring leader, I was able to evaluate myself according to my prospective responsibilities over people. The self-assessment practices helped me to single out my strengths, applications of values, skills, and overall leadership styles.
After my first assessment test, I realized that I have the potential to be a good leader. My score of 30 points placed me on a scale of high leadership potential. The test portrayed me as an individual who can easily delegate duties and lead people. That is, I am willing to be in charge of a given number of other people and listen to their opinions and implement some of them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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