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Importance Of The Factors Associated With Recidivism - Term Paper Example

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Recidivism is defined as the act of repeating undesirable behavior even after an individual has faced punishment for it. The paper "Importance Of The Factors Associated With Recidivism" discusses the triggers of recidivism as they can help identify high-risk individuals…
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Importance Of The Factors Associated With Recidivism
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Download file to see previous pages Juvenile delinquents who are exposed to criminal elements are also greatly affected by ‘peer pressure’ and are at greater risk. Research done on women inmates supports these conclusions. Besides the environment factor, personality traits and mental conditions have been linked to the phenomena with psychopathy as one of the leading causes of violent recidivism. While psychopathic individuals cannot be helped by structured rehabilitation programs, many of the other risk factors are changeable.
Assessment of risks should be done on basis of structured judgment using empirical actuarial methods, clinically adjusted actuarial or professional judgment. Correct evaluation can differentiate between high-risk and low-risk offenders who may be treated according to their different requirements through behavioral programs which directly target the criminal factors.
Recidivism is the social occurrence identifying the relapse of a person in acting out the same kind of undesirable behavior who had been previously punished for or had to face negative consequences because of. Recidivism is an anomaly in that its normal behavioral patterns suggest that after suffering because of their actions the people will not be motivated to repeat those actions as there could be no possible benefit; negative reinforcement would have effectively reduced their desire for the actions which are harmful to innocent individuals and the society at large. However, as crime and prison statistics indicate, recidivism is rampant among inmates and criminals after they have been released from their sentences; in the United States almost 2/3 of all criminals are rearrested or found guilty of further misdemeanors after they had been released (Salgado, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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