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Increases in Black & White Interracial Marriage in America and the Role of Higher Education - Essay Example

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Institution Date Increases in Black and White Interracial Marriage in America and the Role of Higher Education Context Cultural changes characterize the American society of the 21st century. The boundaries among different ethnic groups in America are becoming more blurred…
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Increases in Black & White Interracial Marriage in America and the Role of Higher Education
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Extract of sample "Increases in Black & White Interracial Marriage in America and the Role of Higher Education"

Download file to see previous pages In the study of interracial marriages between whites and Black Americans, the status change theory has been used to explain that black American community to enable them to marry white spouses as a way of attaining a higher social status uses educational achievement. The structural assimilation theory emphasizes that education plays an important of breaking boundaries between ethnic and social groups because it is through education that democratic and universalistic norms among social groups are broken. Therefore, the education system allows structural assimilation among various ethnic groups (Gullickson 673). Thesis statement Education has played a positive role in the increased interracial marriages between the Blacks Americans and Whites in the American society. The rise of civilization and the increased democracy has led to provision of equal education opportunities for all. As a result, Black Americans have been enabled to attend good schools and colleges like their white counterparts. The educational attainment of the Black Americans and their need for growing up in the social rubric has contributed to the increased rate of interracial marriages in America (Lewis 413). ...
The changes in the American society in the 21st century include educational achievement, which is non-discriminatory. Institutions of learning are now accommodative of black American children. This is because the civilized American society is more acknowledging of the talents among the black American community. The status change theory demonstrates how the black Americans have exploited the opportunities in the education system to advance their social and economic achievement (Lewis 409). Because of this education, the black people are now able to access employment opportunities in white-collar jobs. This is the reason why the status of the black community in America has improved in the recent past. The social change through education, which has led to the increase in the interracial marriages between blacks and whites, is explained by the fact that education gives the black Americans the opportunity of social interaction with the whites. Black men for example are able to interact with white women in college. As a result, the white people realize that the black people have admirable talents and abilities. This leads to relationships, which result, into marriages between the two groups from different ethnic backgrounds. Through higher education, black Americans are able to earn a high income, which helps them to access social gatherings, and conferences that facilitate the interaction between the blacks and the whites. The opponents of the positive contribution of education to the intermarriages between whites and blacks base their arguments on the inconsistencies in the studies in this topic in addition to assumptions that the impact of education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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