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2 Major Political Issues Confronting the U.S - Essay Example

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There are two critical issues that threaten both the political system and economic recovery of the United States. One is outsourcing and the other is U.S.’ relationship with China.
Although often underestimated, outsourcing is one of the biggest threats to U.S. economy with over one million jobs being shipped to Asia. …
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2 Major Political Issues Confronting the U.S
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Download file to see previous pages economy with over one million jobs being shipped to Asia. Some economists consider outsourcing as a major contributor in the recent economic crash with $3 trillion lost because of it (Condon, 2010). President Obama recently addressed this by declaring that his administration will become more vigilant in attracting businesses to move their operations back to the U.S. through tax breaks, tax cuts, and developing a skilled workforce that delivers the highest quality of services and products. Surprisingly, the Democrat and Republicans are united on this stand (Einhorn, 2010). However, current administration does not address the fundamental advantage that Asia has over the U.S., a cheap labour market. For as long as the businesses enjoy ultimate freedom in choosing the country where they want to operate their manufacturing, the U.S. will continue to lose jobs. This is what makes outsourcing and loss of jobs an issue that crosses over to the political side. The repercussions are immense; the ripples it creates in America are too critical. America’s relationship with China will also prove vital in future. China is becoming an economic giant with lightning speed. Economically, it is always better to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with superpowers. However, China is also violating a lot of international business ethics provisions such as its continuous inability to honour copyright laws and disregard for its CO2 emission. Billions of dollars are lost because of copyright violations on products that span from automobiles to arts. Those who take the most damage are the creators and owners of these products. The U.S. development of its relationship with China, as well as the lines it will decide to draw upon its political canvass will be critical in determining international political stability and economic condition of the U.S. Religions And The Dysfunctions Of War And Persecution Religions are always grounded on principles of peace, justice and forgiveness. However, these religions are run by human beings who have unique interpretations of universal concepts. It is this individuality that causes them to reinterpret the manner by which their end goal is attained. Such talks are always focused on Islam, because the biggest terrorist attacks in the U.S. were done by people who claim their actions were inspired by the teaching of Islam. However, even the Catholics used violence in their earlier years. This recently came to light when Pope John Paul II publicly confessed the trespasses of the Catholic Church (Vatican 2000). The other aspect is the sheer imperfection of humans. The recent times also shed light on the more alarming issue of priests and pastors committing criminal acts like child abuse and rape. Others also use their religion to justify murder and acts of war. Such acts are not condoned in any of the teachings of their religions, but their strong association with the church that represents their doctrine drags the name of their religion in the mud. Conflict Perspective As much as school is designed and built to educate the student through the lesson they learn in their classrooms, realities are also learned outside of it. Social constructs and concepts are shared and experienced. These constructs and concepts don’t exclusively come from the lessons in school. In fact, a huge part of it comes from what the students see and experience in their homes and neighbourhood. As such, their social class comes into play. Those who have more material things and experiences to show and those who don’t have those material things and experiences will not be able to relate. The tendency is to gravitate towards those they can relate to, which further emphasizes the social divide. As students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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