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Intelligence brief analysis - Assignment Example

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We are going to analyze the progress of the ongoing discussions and look at the key points as well as the parties’ interests.
Analysis: Iran and other six nations are reported to have agreed…
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Intelligence brief analysis
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Extract of sample "Intelligence brief analysis"

Intelligence Brief about Iran Summary: The nuclear program activities in Iran are the major issuesin the Barrack Obama administration between United States and Iran relations.
Development: US government has tried to stop the Iran activities to no avail so far. We are going to analyze the progress of the ongoing discussions and look at the key points as well as the parties’ interests.
Analysis: Iran and other six nations are reported to have agreed terms to negotiate an issue to prevent US from confronting Iran on matters related to the nuclear program. (Steven N.P). He also reports that an official in the meeting said, “The meeting in Vienna was productive as we have identified talking points. It’s going to be hard but we had a good start”. However, about a week ago, Iran’s senior negotiator said that in the next meetings, the discussions will only tackle nuclear issues (Black N.P). He stressed that the nuclear talks are not similar to military programs talks. Upon his arrival in Vienna, Zarif who is an official in the scheduled meetings said,” the committee believes they can finally reach an agreement”. The six world powers are: Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States. Their aim however, is to reach an agreement within at least six months. The previous deal has frozen Iran from its nuclear project so far until July 20, a period by which they think they will have already come up with an agreement. Difference of position in the discussion points might make a final agreement impossible because every party would like its interest met which is obviously impossible.US for example want some parts of the nuclear plant in Iran to be abolished if they are to get to an agreement. On the other hand, Iran insists that the only discussion they will hold will concern their nuclear program thus excluding their military (Khan N.P).
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