Compare and contrast US Counter Intelligence to that of a foreign country - Essay Example

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ASSIGNMENT The Counter Intelligence Corps was formulated for the purpose of the Cold war and subsequently for the Second World War after which the United States Army Intelligence Corps took over the control and functioning of the same in the year 1961. Six years later, the role and functions of the same were begun to be performed by the United States Intelligence and Security Command and various counter intelligent agents that were assigned by the government in order to carry out military and other operations…
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Compare and contrast US Counter Intelligence to that of a foreign country
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Download file to see previous pages The difference between the two agencies as per their origin is because in the American backdrop, the agency was formed to protect the country from spies emerging from the Cold War and then the Second World War; whereas in India on the other hand, the point was to control activities by Indian anarchists, formed by the British as early as 1909 in order to regulate and control the country in a better manner. In the United States of America, there is a very thin line between intelligence and law enforcement whereas in India the same principle is not followed. The intelligence agency in India falls under the ambit of two aspects – the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing. In the U.S, as compared to India, much better technological innovations are present which help the country take care of the intelligence needs. The United States is much more capable of finding information as compared to India because of the sole reason that a lot more funding and money has been placed to educate people and train them perfectly to fit the bill. India has trained officials taking care of extracting information and finding out for the benefit of the nation however the country is not as well versed in the same as the United States of America is. Since both agencies hire agents they need to have continuous tests to test the credibility of the agents and to find out whether or not they are well suited to defend the country. Initially in India, the agents were trained by the KGB of Russia however now they have their own training programs which nonetheless are not very effective and thus does not put India at par with the counter intelligence arising from countries like the United States of America. In India and the United States alike, the work done in the agencies is delegated into different departments that take care of different fields like aviation, naval and other such responsibilities. In India the main task of the Intelligence Bureau is to execute tasks related to counter intelligence and counter terrorism attacks. After the 9/11 attacks in the United States of America, the country has become much more strong in the sense of countering terrorist attacks unlike in India where proper training and security is still required to protect the nations. In the U.S, the intelligence agency shares relations with foreign intelligence agencies like cooperation from United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, the Canadian Security Intelligence Services and other countries like Australia, Russia, India and even Pakistan. This enables the country to get help from analysts present in all these countries that it has allied itself with during a crisis or an attack in order to get information in a much faster manner. India on the other hand is allied with the United States counter intelligence agency as well as a few other countries like United Kingdom. The most effective instrument of the nation’s power is said to be executed from the Research and Wing Analysis and it has been involved in the security of India’s nuclear program. This unit is only answerable to the Prime Minister and not the Parliament of the country for its actions; the United States intelligence agency on the other hand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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