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Summary+Discussion+Question - Essay Example

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But the way some of the super powers of the world are fighting this terrorism is not the right way. The violation of human rights in some major countries of the world, the role of Britain and America in Tripoli where…
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Extract of sample "Summary+Discussion+Question"

Confronting Terrorism Discussion Terrorism has been affecting all the countries of the world. But the way some of the super powers of the world are fighting this terrorism is not the right way. The violation of human rights in some major countries of the world, the role of Britain and America in Tripoli where they handed the suspects to the torturers of Muammar Qaddafi were sheer violations of the human rights as well as the violation of America’s political principle i.e. “It is better to let ten guilty men loose than to kill one innocent man”. However since 9/11 we have not seen this kind of behavior from any of these countries but the violation of human rights and killings of innocent in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan.
Terrorism should be confronted in a way that justice is given to everyone and no one is deprived of their liberty to live. Innocent should be protected and culprits should be punished. Terrorism should be confronted like the Norwegians did after the attack in Oslo, not by ding arbitrary arrests and all. Confronting terrorism is showing the world and the terrorists that we have a better option for both the parties and we can solve the issues properly by talks but not by fighting and killing innocent people.
Many terrorist organizations have recently shown serious interests in using nuclear weapons for their evil purposes and if used the results could be devastating, killing millions of people around the world. Steps need to be taken by the major organizations and super powers of the world as these threats are not at all fictional but pose a real threat to the world. so far these efforts does not seem to be enough but if proper measures are taken the issue can be resolved.
Q. Is hostage taking an act of terror?
Ans. Hostage taking certainly is an act of terror. If we see the effects of this action on the people that have gone through this experience we will see that they have a long lasting mental and psychological effect on them, affecting their personal and social life. Hostages are kept by terrorists than how could it not be an act of terrorism. Terrorists who have done something wrong and are afraid of being captured and punished keep hostages to flee and continue their activities spreading more terrorism proving that hostage taking is an act of terrorism indeed.

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Summary Discussion Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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