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From the essay "Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation" it is clear that researcher should use the final chapter as a summary of discussions. The researcher should include all conclusions and recommendation in the last chapter of the dissertations or thesis…
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Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation
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Summary of a Chapter Summary of a Chapter Result Summary and Discussion A researcher should use the final chapter as a summary of discussions. The researcher should include all conclusions and recommendation in the last chapter of the dissertations or thesis. However, since many studies have neither titles nor conclusions, the first title, summary and discussions, would be more appropriate.
Review the Result Reported
In the chapter, the writer should review in details the findings results he mentioned in chapter four.
Develop an Outline of the Final Chapter
Readers usually first review the last chapter of a dissertation prompting the writer to have an outline of the last chapter different from the preceding chapters. The researcher should have an Introduction, Statement of the purpose, Summary of the result and finally Discussion of the results in that order. Researcher should provide an outline of the discussion too. The outline contains Interpretation of the findings, Recommendation for readers, Recommendation for educators and a Suggestion for additional research.
Write the Introductory Paragraph
The prefatory paragraph should neither have a heading nor be too long (Glatthorn, Joyner & Glatthorn, 2005, p.177).
Restate the Problem and review the Methodology
The reviser must restate the problem precisely how it comes out in chapter one of the book (Glatthorn & Joyner, 2005, p. 17). Researcher must also have a detailed and precise review of the methodology without exaggeration in repetition. A detailed and precise review helps readers who have not read the chapter containing the methodology part to understand it (Glatthorn, Joyner & Glatthorn, 2005, p. 97)
Summarize the Results
The researcher should on the content pattern in all chapters. However, your chair may approve another organization in a way that pleases the reader. General-to-specific can be sufficient by giving a result first then evidence later, but the writer does not have to represent the details mentioned in the previous chapter. The writer should avoid partisan interpretation at this stage. Writer should also observe great clarity when stating the findings by using word sequence or bullets.
Discuss the Meaning of the Study
Discussing the hypotheses of the study is the most crucial section in the final chapter. Reflection of the findings provides a quick answer for the researcher question that aims at finding the meaning of the study other than the details. Tentative answers to study questions provide a solution in determining the content of the chapter.
Writer should develop an outline for the chapter. The section contains the researcher insights. Research ideas allow researcher to conceptualize the study without being assertive. The other components include Relationship of the current study ahead of research, theoretical impacts explanation on expectation and Amplification for practice. Final in the list is recommendations for further research.
Technology Technique: Software Capabilities
The researcher should posses proper understanding of the software used to analyze data such as word or spreadsheet. Software is vital in data analysis and presentation. The final document should be a winning dissertation. It should address all research problems and provide recommendations for further study areas. A perfect research builds on existing knowledge of devise innovative ideas.
Glatthorn, A. A., Joyner, R. L., & Glatthorn, A. A. (2005). Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Guide. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Read More
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