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Sociology: Individual and Society - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date A society is collection of people living together in a region and following the same rules. Human beings are considered to be social since most of their activities take place within the communities they live in. This gives people the reason for studying the interactions between humans…
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Sociology: Individual and Society
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Download file to see previous pages According to this theory, human behaviors get their influence from an individual’s exceptional psychological traits (Ferguson, 2009). An example of a naturalistic concept people have come to live with is the concept of falling in love between couples and their eventual marriage. An individual is a single person having his own unique characteristics and behavior. The individuals collectively form a society and create regulations through their governing bodies. This regulations are used to control the behaviors of the individuals within these communities. Individuals have different characteristics that range from having different values, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. Social identity refers to the various ways in which different individuals are differentiated in their relations within the societies (Wallace and Wolf, 2006). Society changes refer to the modification of the order in the society. It refers to progresses made socially or the society’s evolution. Social change can also refer to the changes in the society along with the changes in the modes of doing business. The forces of change within a society are plenty and range across the literary, religious, fiscal, systematic and technological fields. Social changes are usually seen across nature, the institutions and among the peoples’ relations (Wallace and Wolf, 2006). ...
Political changes include the changes in the people’s leadership along with the governing styles. Scientific changes are the changes made in inventing new products and solutions to existing problems (O’Donnell, 2000). Finally, technological changes include advances in the technology people are using currently to perform their activities. Change in the society occurs as a result of individual efforts along with the collaboration of the members of the community. Change should come from within an individual for it to be effective .There are, however, groups of humans that have come together to fight and promote for changes within their societies. Change comes as a result of human sustaining suffering for a long period of time. This eventually leads us into deciding how to alter the situation. The objectives of the change are subject to the people who want it within their societies (Ferguson, 2009). To effectively bring changes to the community, the necessary information on different issues should first be collected. All the alternative courses of action along with their consequences should be considered before any actions are taken. This will ensure that the desired changes have a positive effect on the society (O’Donnell, 2000). According to Durkheim, social facts are the notions and expectations that come from the societies we live in and not from our personal likings and responses (O’Donnell, 2000). According to Max Webber, the ultimate aim of sociology is to achieve an adequate interpretive understanding of the social facts. This is done by subjecting them to an analysis to evaluate their meanings and implications to the society. The purpose of the interpretive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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