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In modern American society, the right to individual belief, expression, and action are protected both by governmental mandate as well as accepted societal convention. This attitude is intended to allow individuals within our country to live as they desire without hindrance…
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Individualism in the extreme
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Extreme Individualism School or Extreme Individualism In modern American society, the right to individual belief, expression, and action are protected both by governmental mandate as well as accepted societal convention. This attitude is intended to allow individuals within our country to live as they desire without hindrance. However, in reality there are many instances in which the behaviors of a single individual or legal entity in the pursuit of their ambitions or goals can negatively impact others within society. When the interests and related actions and behaviors of the individual directly infringe, damage, or endanger the life, property, or rights of another person or people in society, there is an obligation to restrict individual rights in the interest of the larger population.
It is the obligation of society to keep individuals from victimizing others during the active pursuit of their own interests. Fraudulent business practices, such as pyramid and Ponzi schemes, are designed to enrich an individual by preying on others and co-opting their property (money) for their own use. As a result, it is unacceptable to engage in such openly predatory behaviors which cause unprovoked harm and hardship and it is society’s duty to prevent and redress such practices by individuals through restrictive and punitive methods.
Similarly, action or a lack of action by an individual in society which endangers others as a result direct or indirect result of their decisions and desires must also be restricted. Individuals who engage in activities which represent a danger to society are often legally and socially unallowable. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol would fall into this category. Though a person may derive some personal enjoyment or entertainment from their behavior, it is detrimental to the individual as well as the population and so activities of this kind must be restricted. While this type of direct action creates a dangerous environment for the community, a failure to act can produce comparable results. If the owner of a small business or factory acts in his own interests, preferring not to spend money to provide safe conditions and safety equipment, they are endangering others. This type of narrow self-interest must also be restricted by society through mandatory protection requirements.
Beside these instances in which the expression of individual rights directly affects another person or people, consequences of action which directly affect society as a whole must also be necessarily restricted. Environmental damage which results from an individual or entity can have a lasting, negative impact on everyone in society. Restrictions which are aimed at ensuring no undue or unaddressed damage in inflicted on shared environmental resources must be adopted and implemented to ensure health and safety throughout American society.
One last example of extreme individualism in the pursuit of self-interest which must be restricted by societal convention and law, is engaging in unfair business practices, such as price gouging during times of dearth or hardship. When items which are necessary for the functioning of life and society are ransomed to obtain obscene profit, that individual is preying on society and harming others. On individual charging people 10 dollars for a bag of ice or gallon of fuel following a natural disaster or power outage, is profiting unduly and causing hardship to others as a result of the expression of their individual agenda. This type of extortion is practices are adverse to the happiness, safety, and well-being of society and must be restricted through maximum temporary inflation caps. Read More
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