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Marriage and Divorce as a Social Issue - Essay Example

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This essay Marriage and Divorce as a Social Issue talks that marriage institution dates back in ancient history that has been recorded and handed down from generation to another. The way of conduct of marriage including the rules observed and the procedures differ from society to another. …
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Marriage and Divorce as a Social Issue
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Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that marriage is as a consequence of idleness. In this case the nubile women lack something to do in the society and thus are a major source of strife and jealousy. Due to such circumstances, they have no other choice than to get married. However, the most common scenario is that, in all the societies, the access to women is institutionalized so as to reduce competition intensity among the parties involved. It may include the payment of bride price or conduct certain ceremonies depending on the norms and culture that is maintained by the people.
This discussion stresses that divorce cases have increased widely in all phases of life. In the traditional society, divorce was not allowed. Marriage cases were solved by elders who made decisions on the course of action. Where the wife did not give birth, the husband was allowed to marry many wives. Polygamy was allowed and the first wife had to choose a second wife for her husband. In the modern era, this has greatly changed due to the introduction of religion among other factors. Divorce cases have increased currently and even being endowed by the courts of law. Disagreements within the family however small have led to break-ups within the family structure. Others separate basically due to financial factors and influence of friends when they think they cannot take it anymore. Religiously, divorce is not allowed as most religion emphasize on the sanctity of marriage. Traditionally, succession in marriage after a death of a spouse was taken by the other and later passed to the children. Currently, legal action which involves the use of wills and trusts has altered this course of life. Various provisions have been enacted including the retaining of one’s property in case of divorce instead of owning half. Social Definition of Marriage and Divorce In every society, there exist rules of conduct and rites of passage which in most cases have to be adhered to for efficient running of the society. The way of life in most societies to a great extent shape individuals and determine the behavior of the people as well as their way of life. Societies are involved in different activities in different zones which explain the different culture experienced in various parts of the world. The varieties of behaviors experienced bring us to the aspect of societal issues like: marriage, divorce, circumcision, family and culture which are social in nature. In many traditional societies, marriage has been considered to be important as it relates to continuity. The basis of the study rotates around the marital institution, its impacts and its contribution to the society. The methodologies involved include the use of written and non- written sources. Use of interviews, questionnaires as well as direct observation is rampant in the drawing of the conclusion herein. Marriage is a social and legal union made between people that create kinship ties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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