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The main reason couples divorce - Essay Example

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In U.S, 45 percent to 50 percent of first marriages end up in divorce, and the risk is even higher for second marriages as the probability is 60 percent. Divorce has been a major concern in the American society and has become very common in the recent years (Hawkins, Willoughby,…
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The main reason couples divorce
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Extract of sample "The main reason couples divorce"

Download file to see previous pages Gender and Society construction play a major role in the occurrence of divorce leading to many reasons why couples end up divorcing. The most considered reasons are a lack of commitment, unrealistic expectations, lack of equality in the relationship, abuse, and infidelity, lack of communication and financial problems. These problems can be prevented or fixed if they happen (Lyngstad, 52). Commitment in a relationship is very essential as it brings a long-term view in the relationship that helps couples not get overwhelmed by challenges and problems they face in their day-to-day life. High commitment in a relationship is very essential as the couple will feel safe and will be willing to give all what it takes the relationship to become a success. Gender and Society construction in regards to the nature and roles the male and female gender plays a key role in the occurrence of divorce. However, at times divorce is necessary as it helps in preserving the moral boundaries of marriage.
According to a study conducted by Amato, the most common reasons, why couples get divorced, is lack of commitment. From the study results, 73 percent of the research participants identified a lack of couple’s commitment as a major reason for divorce. Other reasons given in the study included infidelity 56 percent, too much arguing in the relationship 55 percent, unrealistic and conflicting expectations in the marriage 46 percent, early marriages 45 percent, financial issues 41 percent, male masculinity and lack of equality 44 percent and relationship abuse 29 percent. From the list, it is possible to fix many of the issues raised above and prevent divorce occurrence. It is essential for couples to learn how to avoid their destructive arguments and solve their issues to create greater expectations in their marriage. Even damaging issues such as infidelity affairs in a relationship can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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