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How Material Things Contribute Towards Street Differences - Essay Example

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This essay seeks to identify how material things contribute to differences observed and experienced in the Rue du Marche road, based on City Road analysis. The two roads are different physically but analyzed characteristics bring out similarities between the two…
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How Material Things Contribute Towards Street Differences
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "How Material Things Contribute Towards Street Differences" discusses how material things contribute to differences observed and experienced in the Rue du Marche road. This street is found in the City of Geneva, which is home to up to 457, 628 people. Rue du Marche is a cosmopolitan street and it is therefore used by different people from different places. In order to assess the differences that result from material things on this street, changes that have encompassed this street over time are important to consider. Social, economic and political has been realized here as far as from 65 years ago.
Owing to the growing international communities on the street, a need has arisen to have their needs and demands met. Chain stores have taken center stage on the street, aimed at meeting the growing demand for residential and business activities by the expatriate and immigrant groups of people. Tourism has been integrated into the process, making the street be set at an aesthetic appearance in order to capture the interests of visiting tourists. Combinations of these activities have enhanced the existence of a very strong economy along the street. This is evidenced by the fact that employment opportunities are emerging day in day out. The demand for utility services has gone up, necessitating an upgrade in infrastructure in order to cope with the rising demand for electricity, telephones, and water among others. Businesses have had to be diverse and dynamic in dealing with the communities found on this street. Many businesses have had to import products demanded by communities from other countries who reside in this place. An example of such a business is the Coop Supermarket. With the UN Headquarters based in Geneva, international communities have adopted English as their preferred language among the Rue du Marche communities. In turn bookstores have been forced to account for the rising demand for English written books; for example Fnac Bookstore. These stores have had to deal with an ethnic niche, contrary to what has been observed on City Road (‘Material Lives’, 2009, scene 2). A tramline that runs along the Rue du Marche Street gives access to the entire city of Geneva. Mostly in the morning hours, the street is busy and partially packed with people heading to work and students to school. As time goes by, the condition changes to a hustling and bustling mode; with the street filling up with consumers, businessmen and visitors. Restaurants, stores and cafes are characteristic of these activities. As the day heads to a close, the morning scenario comes into sight again, with people headed for their homes after work and closing of businesses. The night takes a different course. Socialization and relaxing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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