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Surbaban Shopping Malls - Essay Example

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SURBABAN SHOPPING MALLS Suburban shopping malls play a very important role in American life. They are a relatively new invention, having been developed around 30 years ago—a year is the amount of time that it takes the Earth to travel around the Sun in orbit—before this time there were few suburbs and so there were few malls there…
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Surbaban Shopping Malls
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Download file to see previous pages These are good places to open new shops, should you be interested in starting a business in America. To begin to understand where suburban malls came from and what they are used for it is important to understand a few things about American history. During the Second World War, America’s cities boomed and people got richer. There was not enough land in the centre of cities, so the newly rich American middle class moved to the suburbs, areas just outside of the cities. They could now afford cars which would permit them to drive into the city to work. At this same time it became evident that they needed services out in the suburbs too—including malls. Traditionally, the downtown area of a city provided the goods and services. Americans would walk along Main Street and do the shopping they needed. Mall developers had a better idea—they would fill a big building in the outskirts with shops. They would also create a giant parking lot which could accommodate all the cars that people would use to get to the mall. This is another good reason to invest in this aspect of America—many people can come to your business. Shopping is very important to Americans. They often show their identity and personality with the latest fashion brands. Often these brands help to indicate their socio-economic status in society. Malls traditionally are more upscale and sell fashion, shoes, and gadgets. They rarely include supermarkets or especially cheap stores, although they are increasingly anchored by large discount stores such as Winners or Target. Americans come together to shop and often plan shopping outings together. Often women—including mothers and daughters—bond over shopping trips. They try on clothing items and with every change see themselves as someone new. Understanding this aspect of Americans is important when doing business with them; it takes time to learn but is well worthwhile. Women are typically drawn to the fashion shops in suburban malls and may wile away an entire day drifting from store to store. Men are usually more interested in practical items such as gadgets and new tools. They are often interested in the latest technology which is sometimes available from large stores such as Best Buy. These stores stock an enormous amount of the latest products. These products often help people to do things in a more interesting or convenient way. Men and women often are drawn to these different items because of their social roles. They feel compelled to act in certain ways and this is reflected in the kinds of things that they shop for in suburban malls. Male and female roles are very well defined in America and across the planet Earth. Most traditional cultures frown on people acting in ways that are outside of their gender roles. Many aimless teenagers hang out in suburban malls. Teenagers are young adults and are to some extent a deviant population. They are often problematic and difficult to manage. They can cause problems for adults and smaller children. They dress in a rebellious fashion—i.e. with their hat on backwards and in baggy clothes. They are often loud and obnoxious. Sometimes they are involved in shop-lifting—this involves stealing items from a store. This is against the law and there are security officers in the mall who are charged with stopping this from happening. Teenagers often hang out at malls because it is a public space where they can experiment with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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