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How Political Approaches to Polices Contribute to Health Well Being - Essay Example

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How Political Approaches to Policies Contribute to Health Well Being Name: Institution: How Political Approaches to Policies Contribute to Health Well Being The government, both local and national, exercise control through politics, and this have a significant impact on the implementation of health and environmental policies…
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How Political Approaches to Polices Contribute to Health Well Being
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Download file to see previous pages This privatization resulted in the government’s inability to watch closely and control the energy markets. However, this changed once the government noted an increase in carbon emissions and air pollution. The government set up the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets which regulated all policies regarding gas and electricity. In the UK between 1990 and 2008, green house gas emissions from the consumption sector increased significantly compared to emissions from the production sector. We note that consumption of foods, travel, household products and travel tourism was responsible to some extent for the pressure on the environment (Moynihan 1999, p.15). This was because the UK economy became more services oriented resulting in the importation of most of the household goods; the UK was, therefore, responsible for the carbon emissions from the imported goods. The government noted that industries are responsible for a significant percentage of the total carbon emissions in the country. In order to curb this problem, the legislators introduced the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) which is a compulsory scheme for all organizations to ensure they meet the emission-reduction standards set by the government. The government introduced Emission Trading, a strategy to reduce pollution caused by gas emissions by providing financial incentives to industries and organizations that achieve the highest emission reduction rates in their CRC schemes. These incentives include tax reduction and enriching the company’s reputation by publicly declaring their efforts in the CRC. The Energy Review of 2006 also point out measures to curb the increase in emission. It contemplated setting up nuclear power stations, but a judicial review into the same ruled it illegal. The UK legislation was asked, by the Energy Review Bill, to revise its policies towards energy and climate change. The bill sort the introduction of the Carbon Capture and Storage, a technology that uses fossil fuel in power generation and other industries, in the UK economy, to reduce the amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere (Beck, K. and Bellin, D 2000, p. 256). Further, the bill sort introduction of the use renewable energy in power generation and industries. This initiative is seen as a key step towards reduction of emissions. The Department of Energy and Climate Change was set up and mandated to grant licenses on the works pertaining offshore gas and oil extraction. The Department of Energy and Climate Change and healthcare experts established a close relation between the quality of the environment and the health of its population. They considered both the indoor and outdoor environments. The indoor environment in homes profoundly impacts the health of its occupants, for instance, dirty burning fuels caused air pollution in homes which was closely associated with lung problems and death. This led to the government’s introduction of policies to govern the fuels used domestically lead to the introduction of high quality cooking stoves countrywide. Certain household contaminants were also attributed to poor health. Investigations have shown that some dry wall emit sulfur that not only corrodes electrical wiring, which cause death through electrocution, but also cause breathing problems and migraines. The Department ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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