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Economic Development in India: the Informal Sectors as well as the Financial Economy - Research Paper Example

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The paper would look at economic development as a broad subject that requires the participation of the government through political influence as well as the community. Social theorists have attempted to explain the economic gap that is rampant in India despite India’s economic growth…
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Extract of sample "Economic Development in India: the Informal Sectors as well as the Financial Economy"

Download file to see previous pages The approach takes into consideration the following factors, the paradigms that influence the development and the oppressive practices that contributed to the present conditions. The move adopted will then address these influences by addressing a particular need that the society or the community has lacked. For instance, development of laws that influence the equal distribution of property attempts to improve the current condition of the underserved communities. Right based approach to development emphasis on the need to respect the dignity of an individual as well as elevating the barriers, which influence the upholding of these dignities. On the contrary, scholarship on India’s economic development situation has pointed on draconic efforts, which have driven hawkers out of the streets, demolished slums, and removed pavements as some of the means of keeping the Indian cities from unwanted economic activities. A glance at the social development agenda enshrined in the UN agenda tends to advocate for better conditions of life that would only come true if the society develops a mechanism, which upholds the rights to humanity (Ruparelia, 2011:234-240). The rights-based approach is essential in the campaign for societal development because it influences the welfare system that the society would adopt in creating equality in the society. Critics have observed that attempt to improve individual lifestyle without the influence of the government policy might not yield much because of the process is not sustainable (Cooper, 2007: 186-87). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Development in India: The Informal Sectors As Well As the Research Paper.
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