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The Effects of the British Industrial Revolution - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the effects of the British industrial revolution. The essay suggests that the immediate effects were negative for the people of Britain but the long term effects were beneficial not only for the people of Britain but also for the whole world…
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The Effects of the British Industrial Revolution
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The Effects of the British Industrial Revolution

Download file to see previous pages... This research will begin with the statement that one of the most important events in the history of the Great Britain is the industrial revolution of the 19th century. This revolution completely changed the British socioeconomic system. The British industrial revolution generated very favorable results for the entrepreneurs who had opened companies and factories at that time. Their businesses flourished and they made a lot of money. On the other hand, people that worked at the grass-root level to make the factories run became poorer. In this way, the British industrial revolution played a fundamental role in increasing the divide between the rich and the poor at that time. The then cursed British industrial revolution has over the time proved to be the most fortunate thing to have occurred in the history of Britain. Urbanization surfaced and spread rapidly as a result of the British industrial revolution. Two of the most prominent causes of the rapid urbanization were the explosion of population and the increased demand of workers. The enclosure movement moved people from farms into the cities. As more and more people moved towards the cities, they expanded. Since too much happened in too little a time, cities were developed without sufficient planning. Most of the cities developed around the factories so that the workers would have convenience of living and working at the same place. Insufficient planning of the developing cities resulted in poor systems of sewage, sanitation, and poor quality of water. There was litter spread all over the streets. The filthy crowded slums generated favorable conditions for the spread of different diseases including cholera.
Since the factories had just started to establish, work in them was full of danger. System was not organized and the risks were not catered for. Workers had to do intense had work for minimal wages and poor health and safety system. In most of the factories, workers had to work between 12 and 16 hrs. More workers were available than the quantity of work available. Therefore, if some worker got ill, got caught in an accident or made any sort of complaint, he would be fired straight-away. There was no compensation for workers of any sort.
The social structure of the society underwent a complete revolution during the British industrial revolution. A vast majority of the people lived in villages before the onset of the British industrial revolution. They were primarily craftsmen and agriculturalists. They worked manually and worked as a family. Farming was the occupation of more than three quarters of the total population of Britain at that time. The new enclosure laws proved very unlucky for the poor farmers. They required the owners of all grazing fields to fence them using their own expenses. A lot of farmers became unemployed and bankrupted consequentially. Small hand weavers became redundant as the machines were used to do the work. A lot of people were obliged to seek work in the factories because they had lost their conventional jobs. This motivated them to move to the cities. They had to face many challenges as a result of this. Urbanization meant higher living expenses accompanied with increased working hours and lesser pay.
Employers’ strategy in those times laid the basis for the discrimination among workers on the basis of gender. A vast majority of the employers preferred hiring female workers upon the male workers because female workers’ pay was much lesser than that of the male workers. The British industrial revolution increased the burden upon women. Women were not only expected to take care of the household works like they had been doing for centuries, but were also required to help their husbands in earning. So women had to take care of both the work and the home. The British industrial revolution also spread the culture of child labor. Along with women, children were also expected to bear the financial burden. Employers also happily offered jobs to children because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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