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The research emerged from the author’s interest in why social research is important. This research will begin with the statement that social research studies possess great importance and significance for the people because there are lots of benefits associated with the social research studies…
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Importance of Social Research: Types, Methods and Approaches
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the social researcher allows measuring the social development of the society and the factors leading towards certain changes and trends among the people of the society. The outcomes of the social research allow locating the direction of the society and identification of the ways through which improvement could be brought into the current situation. There are the wide variety of issues usually covered in the social research studies like poverty, racism, sexuality, gender and class issues, workplace-related problems, criminal behaviors, education trends and many others. The social research studies play very important role in the present world because with the help of the social researches it become possible to understanding different problems, the caused behind the problems and possible ways through which those problems could be resolved. The social researchers provide the detailed and clear understanding of the operating patterns of human social affairs and present the technical procedure through which these affairs could be examined and studies deeply. Social research is very important for the societies because it helps in to solve various problems and issues that exist within the societies. It helps to learn about different things, people, and events and the factors that contribute towards the occurrence of different events and the certain type of behavior of people. In the light of this information it would become possible to make smart decisions to derive better outcomes. It implies that social research is a helpful tool for the policy makers, authorities, and governments as well. There are a lot of social problems covered in the social researches to find the leading cause of those problems and the outcomes of such social researched allow the identification of the factors that can help in combating with this social problem. The difficult inquiry of the issues becomes systematically possible with the help of different social research methods that end up in logical conclusions and observational rigor. The observations made during the social researches allow finding the ways to solve the social problems because they provide the opportunity to apply different solutions and forecast the potential results of all the possible solutions. The social researches work to determine the relationship between one or more variable due to which it became possible to understand the interconnectivity of different variables. For example, the social research allows understanding the relationship between age group, sexuality, and race and identifies the differences in the social behaviors resulting from a change in these variables. The cause and effects relationships of different social issues could also be revealed with the help of the social research studies and different solutions could also be a list out for the resolution of those issues. The social researches are usually conducted by collecting data, statistics, and information that is organized and analyzed for creating reports of the findings of the study. The data is collected for the study through different methods from which it becomes possible to closely view and observe the social behaviors, attitudes, and responses of people towards certain issues and problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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