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Open Family Communication Is Important - Research Paper Example

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THE IMPORTANCE OF OPEN COMMUNICATION 1 Abstract Although information regarding the significance of communication in improving relationships is ubiquitous, a great need for directing themes related to communication is found by the researcher to be much more critical…
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Open Family Communication Is Important
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Download file to see previous pages The range of areas elaborated comprises the following: (1) maintaining open communication amidst changes in location by means of various channels (2) the role of communication in preventing unfavourable and disadvantageous including, but not limited to, juvenile delinquency and drug abuse. This treatise points toward resolving questions on the subject of strong communication orientation and healthier parental relationship; open communication and founding moral values in children. THE IMPORTANCE OF OPEN FAMILY COMMUNICATION 2 Introduction Communication is not merely an art but likewise an important facet in building an ideal and healthy parental relationship. The lack or deficiency in communication among family members invites an augmented possibility of misunderstanding, disagreements and predicaments. Furthermore, poor communication orientation, particularly between parents and a child, assigns greater susceptibility on children to undesirable consequences including, but not limited to, juvenile delinquency and drug abuse. Thus, a strong communication is needed in order to preclude these possibilities. A research conducted by Kelly et al. (2002) proposes that, on the whole, parent-child communication serves as a strong protective factor with respect to the youth involvement with substances. Parents should therefore initiate discussions or display communicative behaviour more than their children. Besides, “…parents may be a more potent influence than they might perceive themselves to be” (Kelly, Comello, & Hunn, 2002). An unveiled communication between parents and children paves the way for ingenuousness and ideal parental supervision. The development of family relationship is typically determined by the quality of communication encompassing a home. According to Clark and Shields (1997), communication among family members is universally regarded as one of the most important and fundamental aspect of interpersonal relationships. Correspondingly, they added that it is “a key to understanding the dynamics underlying family relations” (Clark & Shields, 1997). In some cases, the quality of parent-child communication is rather slashed due to some changes in location or due to some inevitable transition, for example, when a child needs to provisionally separate from his parents to study at another location. Essentially, this particular subject matter interests the researcher because of its prevalent significance in terms of how THE IMPORTANCE OF OPEN COMMUNICATION 3 communication plays a crucial role in maintaining intimate association between parents and a child. Likewise, how dearth of parent-child communication affects the relationship of a child toward his or her parents and the consequences that could conceivably transpire as a result of this deficiency. In effect, this treatise intends to answer the following questions: (1) how does open parent-child communication precludes feasible emergence of undesirable consequences – including juvenile delinquency, drug use, and the like - affecting adolescents and young adults? (2) In what ways open parent-child communication can be perpetuated with respect to location, age or means of communication? Open communication does not only bring in healthy home relationship but it also moulds a child’s behaviour and personality. A study conducted by Elwood and Schrader (1998) found out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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