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Shelby County Drug Task Force - Case Study Example

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The paper “Shelby County Drug Task Force” evaluates the challenges in health in Memphis/Shelby County community. The mission of the organization is too specific substance abuse treatment and prevention, education, and relapse prevention programming focusing especially on the poor substance abusers…
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Shelby County Drug Task Force
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Extract of sample "Shelby County Drug Task Force"

Download file to see previous pages The organization is considered very relevant and a necessary need in the county because it has posted a higher and increasing number of individuals who engaged in violence, addiction, and other health problems. Malcomb Daniels, a reporter for The Birmingham News which covers Shelby County government and courts, wrote in his report that drug task force in Shelby County noted a rise in the use of meth or heroin (Daniels, 2010). The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force received approval for funding in their operations. The commander of the task force named Chris George reported that since October 2009, 60 methamphetamine laboratories were processed by their team. In a two-week period, three young males died due to overdoses of heroin (Daniels, 2010). Violence, like drug addiction, is also rising in figures. The district attorney’s office in Shelby County said that cases involving domestic violence are up by 20 percent this year (Bryson, 2011). Additional funding is needed once again to address the issues in violence. These reports thus support that the county needs organizations like CAAP, Inc. The mission statement is not specific enough in giving guidance for the actual objectives and activities of the organization. The mission is too general and did not elaborate that they assist and treat individuals to overcome homelessness, victimization, domestic violence, chemical dependency, and other co-occurring mental health disorder and self-defeating behavioral health disorder. The mission of the organization only stated to provide professional, state-of-the-art, compassionate behavioral health and co-occurring mental health services (“Executive Summary”, n.d.). As stated in the Executive Summary of their website, CAAP Inc.’s mission also included its task to focus on poor and indigent substance abusers in the county. There are numerous services and programs that the organization offers to do their mission. As a result of the requests from the former clients, the organization became aware of its need for a so-called VA Transitional Housing Program. The organization participated with Shelby County Coalition for the Homeless to get a direct result of the research (“Homeless Veterans Residential Service”, n.d.). Other programs for community corrections include random and regular screenings, phases to focus on core issues such as anger management, conflict resolution and job readiness (Community Correction Services, n.d.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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