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Human Trafficking A crime against humanity! Today is the age of globalization and it has made our lives easy in terms of price competition and competitive advantage. However, at same time it has had some negative effects as well. To keep our community in harmony, the negative effects need to be erased that come up in terms of crimes…
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Human trafficking
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"Human trafficking"

Download file to see previous pages Human trafficking is affecting every country and every economy. Almost 161 countries are involved in this and people are trafficked from 127 countries to 137 countries. Human trafficking is most comprehensively defined by United Nation Office on Drug and Crime on as: it is an act of forcefully or by power, recruiting, transporting, transferring and harbouring a person with an aim to exploit them .It is a Umbrella term used for a process in which many people are enslaved . Annually a lot of population globally that includes males, females and children become victim of this crime within their country and abroad .Every country is affected by trafficking- either people are transported from there or it is in transit or destination where they are exploited. Human trafficking is also known as Trafficking in persons or TIP.Expolitation could include prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery, removal of organs, servitude etc. United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols states on website that definition given by UNODC has three elements: Any of these parts can create human trafficking case. First part is “Acts what is done” it means Recruitment, transportation, transferring, harbouring and receipt of person. Second part is “the means used to commit those Acts(How it is done )” these are refer to warning given to use power, fraud, abuse, punishment, cruelty, dishonesty or giving payments or awarding a person in control of the victim. Third element is “the goals for which the act was committed (Why it is done)” it means the reason of misuse, which includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery, removal of organs. UNODC states in its report Trafficking in Person: Global Patterns that victims of human trafficking who are sexually exploited are of 79% and forced labour 18%.Women exploitation is more seen especially in city centres and along high ways. Other forms are domestic servant, forced marriage, children begging, sex trade and war fare, prostitution, pornography, and nude dancing. Shelley in his book Human Trafficking:  A Global Perspective states that millions of people are being exploited each years at brick kilns ,sweatshop ,chicken forms mines ,rock quarries , fisheries , public or service work, beside females and children ,boys are also exploited in particular sex industry(281-285). Human trafficking is referred as modern day slavery by Shelley in his book Human Trafficking:  A Global Perspective: it is an evil which the modern world thinks has conquered and relegated to the history book. But today’s media, Nongovernmental organizations, human right organizations and the police cases paints a different picture. Reports form these organizations point out that trafficking is one of the most important sources to keep the deadly slavery practices alive. International Organization for Migration has given figures of victims’ exploitation such as physical and sexual violence 95%, forced economic exploitation 32%, forced commercial sexual exploitation 43 %( 98% of these are females). Shelley has written in his book Human Trafficking: a Global Perspective that person’s consent becomes irrelevant when any means of trafficking is used. Child consent is not considered even if particular means are not used in trafficking. Migrant smuggling and human trafficking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Trafficking
...Human Trafficking Introduction Human trafficking is one of the most shameful and heinous truths of today's world. The study and statistics of human trafficking show that slavery of people from disadvantageous groups is still very much a part of the society. According to the United Nations (UN) report (2007), it is estimated that 2.5 million people have become a victim of human trafficking by being forced into labor and prostitution (p.1). Human trafficking is practiced in 161 countries in the world by being either source, transit or destination for people who are...
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Human Trafficking
...?Introduction Human trafficking is one of the highly lucrative illegal businesses in the world, which involves the trading of human beings for the purposes of enslavement (Skinner 10). It is a business, which can only be compared with drug trafficking in terms of profits irrespective of the fact that governments and institutions, especially human rights watch groups around world, have continued to spend numerous resources in trying to curb the vice. The United Nations, for example, adopted the Trafficking Protocol in the year 2000 in Italy, which is a component of the Palermo protocols named after Palermo, which is the location in Italy where they were adopted. These protocols were acknowledged and signed by 117 countries, showing... that it...
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Human Trafficking
...? Human Trafficking Introduction: Human Trafficking is known as an illegal trade of human beings especially of women and children for different purposes such as slavery, forced labor and sometimes, they are also used for commercial sexual abuse. Human trafficking is considered as an illegal but lucrative industry which holds a strong market in majority of third world countries. It is a global problem which has emerged as a global business which stands as the third largest source of income as an organized crime. Humans are sold, kidnapped or deceived by their own family members and thus, as a result they...
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Human Trafficking
...? of the of the Human Trafficking According to the United Nations trafficking protocol, human trafficking is defined as an act that "involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them.” The roots of this extremely heinous crime are planted far and wide across the globe. It has far-reaching consequences on the victims as well as on the society and governments must take strict measures to end this abomination (UNODC - Human Trafficking). Human trafficking encompasses a wide...
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Human trafficking
...? Human Trafficking It was in 1619 when a Dutch ship came with the concept of human trafficking as there were 20 African slaves in that ship. Historians say that the Africans were on a journey when they were attacked by the Portuguese people and captured in a ship named as “San Jaun Bautista”. Unfortunately, these people again became a victim of two British Pirate ships who attacked the ship and won the battle. (Fareell, C. Pg 9 2011) And the story of human trafficking started with the concept of slavery; it’s actually a modern form of slavery where people involved in this business makes money by controlling and exploiting others. U.S...
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Human Trafficking
...Human Trafficking Introduction The trafficking of human beings has continued for a long time and with this sinful act, certain individuals are satisfying their thirst of earning more and more whilst committing the most heinous of acts that could be possible on their part. Human trafficking is a process under which recruitment, transportation and transfer of people occurs and which uses people for purposes of exploitation in order to earn favors as well as money. Human trafficking has centered its attention on getting work done through the illicit use of threats, oppression, abduction, force, coercion,...
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Human trafficking
...HUMAN TRAFFICKING With an annual turnover of $ 9.5 billion, human trafficking involves sex slavery and forced labor of nearly 800,000 people annually from East Europe, Asia and Africa to West Europe, Middle East and the U.S. Victims are recruited by coercion, bribery, deception or abduction. Women and girls are forced into prostitution, men and boys into hard labor, children into sex slavery and revolutionary soldiering and babies into adoption. Poverty, female prejudice, unemployment, organized crime outfits, corruption and great prostitute demand are main causes. Societies in origin and destination nations are adversely affected. World governments, UN, Council of...
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Human trafficking
...Human trafficking and the UAE: Current prevention policies, emerging trends, and recommendations for the future Introduction Human trafficking is defined in the UAE as “recruiting, transporting, moving or receiving persons by means of threat or use of force, or by any other means of coercion, kidnap, fraud, deceit, abuse of power, exploiting a condition of weakness, offering or receiving money or advantages to secure consent of a person who is in control of another person, for the purposes of exploitation” (UAE Federal Law No 51, Art. 1). The issue of human trafficking is bound up with effects of globalisation such as increased migration...
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Human Trafficking
...Human Trafficking al affiliation Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a vice that has been going for many decades. There are numerous root causes that have been identified to be the main reason human trafficking exists. This paper will look into why human trafficking is flourishing, and also discuss the methods used by traffickers and their networks. The main reason for the existence of human trafficking include; poor border controls, lack of proper employment opportunities, political instability, poverty, corruption...
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Human Trafficking
...Human trafficking There is not one sentence that clearly defines what human trafficking is. Various scholars and philosophers are attempting to include varied information in their understanding of human trafficking.One better way of describing it could be that human trafficking refers to exploiting a person or group of people in terms of forced labor or commercial sex. Such exploitation is done regardless of the person’s country of origin. Human trafficking does not only happen within a country’s boundaries but also I the whole world making it an international phenomenon. (Aronowitz,...
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