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Human Trafficking Case Study Name: Institution: Introduction Human trafficking is the sale, transportation and earnings from human beings who are enforced to labor for other people. Thailand is a foundation, transit and target country for the trafficking of human…
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Human Trafficking Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Men are also very susceptible for trafficking. They are mainly trafficked by worldwide criminal organizations. There are several cases in which human trafficking takes place. Some of the cases are whereby people are convinced into going to other countries with the promise of getting better jobs and comfortable lives. Mostly, it always turns out to be untrue. This context discusses hundreds of workers from Thailand being promised high wages by the California based company named Global Horizons Inc and instead paying them little to nothing while treating them like scum, taking their passports on arrival and threatening deportation (Bureau of National Affairs, 2007). Human trafficking is one of the most dangerous forms of discrimination. Thailand experiences major challenges as a source, passage and destination country on human trafficking mainly women and children. The tendency of trafficking for enforced labor is rising in level in the agricultural, construction and fishing organizations. Human trafficking is a modern correspondent of slavery (Crawford, 2009). Opposing their will, thousands of people around the globe are enforced to work for the benefit of other people. For instance by becoming beggars, prostitutes, working in sweatshops, unintentional servitude or even turning into child soldiers. People that are trafficked are usually enslaved or in circumstances of debt oppression that are deceitful and oppressive. Traffickers will carry away or mistreat the fundamental human rights of their victims, who most possibly have been tricked and enticed by fake promises or physically enforced into their circumstances. Trafficking is a regular practice to convince people to leave their homes and move to neighboring countries that are wealthier where they can work in services like domestic services, adult care or waiter and waitresses in restaurants. Upon advent, their passports, visa, and return permits are taken away from them, efficiently; these people are imprisoned, either bodily or financially or psychologically. The trafficked people are made to labor as household slaves or as agricultural or industrial unit workers, in slave-like circumstances. The trafficked people virtually do not see their money that they earn, and finally they are sold. Because every person wants to have a good life, people get easily lured when being promised a good life, which in turn never comes to be true and instead they turn out to be slaves when they are taken to the foreign countries. Once passports and other legal documents are taken from these people, they become helpless since they are threatened in several ways. There are various causes for human trafficking. People around the world, benefit in satisfaction and in price of mistreating others. Poverty and worldwide inequalities in the rule of law are situations in which human trafficking, like HIV/AIDS and other killers of the underprivileged, thrives. In regions of the world that are poorer where learning and employment chances are inadequate, are the most susceptible in society. Runways, immigrant, or people who are displaced are the most frequent sufferers of human trafficking. People who are looking for chances and access to other countries may possibly be taken by traffickers and deceived into believing that they will be liberated subsequent to being smuggled across the boundary. Global Horizons Inc is farm labor contractor which is Beverly Hills California based. Global Horizons is challenged to have engaged in a pattern or performance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Trafficking Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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