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A Critical Response to Gillian Ransons about Right Time to Have a Baby - Article Example

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The paper "A Critical Response to Gillian Ranson’s Article about Right Time to Have a Baby" highlights that Ranson concluded that amongst the 30 per cent that chose to have children, most were teachers, implying that they chose to do so because of the lesser hours they worked…
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A Critical Response to Gillian Ransons Article about Right Time to Have a Baby
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Extract of sample "A Critical Response to Gillian Ransons about Right Time to Have a Baby"

Download file to see previous pages The author attempted to examine decisions concerning having children amongst the sample population, relative to the 1991 census. It was found that a larger percentage of respondents in conventional areas such as nursing and education had children by the time they reached their thirties as compared to women graduates employed in non-conventional fields. The article is enlightening from the viewpoint of the challenges associated with paid employment and family responsibility, which have a stronger impact on women than on men. Women are more strongly impacted than men in becoming parents because it is a bigger issue for them to adjust to jobs. Because women have a distinct biological ability to give birth to children, they also have the capability to care for them. This also implies that the government should recognize women’s circumstances and introduce policies that give importance to providing better facilities for child care. Gillian Ranson’s article throws light on the fact that women face economic necessities or are compelled by the desire to develop their careers that often makes them postpone the change to motherhood. They are also prone to face hardships and conflicts in coping with the dual pressures of job and motherhood. Theoretically, it is known that the relationship between career growth and motherhood is directly related to ‘the interaction between individual decision and social structural opportunity and constraint’ (Brown, 1982, p.123). Given the dramatic changes that are taking place in the structure of societies and the significance that is given to careers, it is not surprising that more and more women are giving precedence to career development and postponing the creation of families.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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