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Critical Response (Sociology ) - Essay Example

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Critical Response Ranson, Gillian. 2009. “Education, Work, and Family Decision-making Finding the “Right Time” to have a Baby.” Pp. 277-289 In Bonnie Fox, (ed.), Family Patterns Gender Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (04.08.11) This paper is a critical response to Gillian Ranson’s (2009) article titled Education, Work, and Family Decision-making…
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Critical Response (Sociology Essay)
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"Critical Response (Sociology )"

Download file to see previous pages They were part of a continuing research between 1985 and 1992, which allowed the researcher to have exhaustive data about their employment experiences and their altering family circumstances. The author attempted to examine decisions concerning having children amongst the sample population, relative to the 1991 census. It was found that a larger percentage of respondents in conventional areas such as nursing and education had children by the time they reached their thirties as compared to women graduates employed in non conventional fields. The article is enlightening from the viewpoint of the challenges associated with paid employment and family responsibility, which have a stronger impact on women than on men. Women are more strongly impacted than men in becoming parents because it is a bigger issue for them to adjust with jobs. Because women have the distinct biological ability to give birth to children, they also have the capability to care for them. This also implies that the government should recognize women’s circumstances and introduce policies that give importance to providing better facilities of child care. Gillian Ranson’s article throws light on the fact that women face economic necessities or are compelled by the desire to develop their careers that often makes them to postpone the change to motherhood. They are also prone to face hardships and conflicts in coping with the dual pressures of job and motherhood. Theoretically, it is known that the relationship between career growth and motherhood is directly related to ‘the interaction between individual decision and social structural opportunity and constraint’ (Brown, 1982, p.123). Given the dramatic changes that are taking place in the structure of societies and the significance that is given to careers, it is not surprising that more and more women are giving precedence to career development and postponing creation of families. Brown (1982) held that in comparison with men, women were at a disadvantage because they have to bear the added burden of balancing job with family responsibilities. It is also known in this regard that men and women cannot be treated as homogeneous entities because collectively, women’s experiences of life are different as compared to men. The attachment theory examines this issue through the approaches of psychoanalysis, social learning and ethological attachment. Childhood attachment occurs because of the emotional and biological bond that mother and child have with each other, which implies that a woman will tend to care more for her child than for her career growth. There is evidence to indicate that the theory does hold much ground even in present times despite changing social priorities and personal ambitions. After childbirth, a woman’s relationship with the child takes precedence over other aspirations. This is perhaps one reason why women in present times tend to delay having children so that they can first fulfill their career goals (Juffer et al., 2002). It is also evident from other research and readings that realities and perceptions about professional growth after motherhood create a great deal of conflict between home and work life, irrespective of policies that aim at providing employer and family support. There is evidence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Critical Response (Sociology Essay) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
“Critical Response (Sociology Essay) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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