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In the article “Working At McDonald’s” the author Amitai Etzioni has highlighted the reality of working teenagers in different sectors like Mc Donald’s, and Kentucky fried chicken among others in order to earn reasonable amount of money. These sorts of jobs at these…
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Summary and Critical Response
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Summary and Critical Response Summary In the article “Working At McDonald’s” the Amitai Etzioni has highlighted the reality of working teenagers in different sectors like Mc Donald’s, and Kentucky fried chicken among others in order to earn reasonable amount of money. These sorts of jobs at these organizations results to lower attendance, poor marks, and lack of proper education in academic field. This type of part time job after a course of time causes a hindrance for the students in order to get established in future. The students conducting such part time jobs are independent from their parents and are less financially dependent upon them (Wang, Kong, Shan & Vong, 2010; Etzioni, n.d.). According to the author, this independent nature is not awful but it reduces the overall qualitative development of the students by hindering their academic work. The students will not be able to conduct their study according to the academic schedule. Moreover, the students will not be eligible for a better job in future due to the part time job and lack of educational development. Thus, it is eminent from the article that the part time jobs at every instance affect the educational field of the students (Rokicka, 2014; Etzioni, n.d.).
Critical Response
The author Amitai Etzioni has argued over the facts that the jobs at fast food organizations affect the quality of the students. The reason behind this is that the part time jobs do not provide any skilled training or any sort of career building opportunities. The author Etzioni has attempted to drag the attention of the working students and their guardians in order to demonstrate the drawbacks of part time jobs in such organizations. Moreover there are some other contradictory arguments, which reflect the importance of such part time jobs in these organizations. According to Wang, Kong, Shan & Vong (2010), the employees working in the restaurants acquire specific knowledge regarding preparation of food and maintenance of machines, and cash registers among others. This knowledge that the employees are attaining is of no use for them. However, Knuth (2011) contradictory argued that the learning of cash registers and operating these do not reflect any significant skill development. Moreover, the learning of such aspects does not provide any better opportunity for them in building their career (Knuth, 2011). The contradictory arguments by Wang, Kong, Shan & Vong (2010) also suggests that the students working in part time jobs are of considerable number. The reason behind this is that the employees of part time jobs are generally students, who have less skills and such jobs do not require high skills. As a result the students are not competing for higher studies and are trapped under lower skilled jobs. On the other hand, the students, who are not involved in any sort of professional work completes have the bright opportunity to fetch a high salary job with qualitative work. As a result this sort of high profile jobs, the academically advanced students have the opportunity to achieve skills and experience as well. Whereas it can be noted from the review of evidences that the employees performing part time jobs are neither capable of completing their academic studies properly nor they are eligible for attaining high quality jobs. As a result of this the economy and the education of the youngsters are affected as youths are the face of the society leading to economic growth and development (Knuth, 2011; Etzioni, n.d.).
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Summary and Critical Response Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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