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HIP HOP Dance ( Responses) - Article Example

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Hip Hop Dance – Eventual Development Hip hops have been an inspiration to the recent disco beats which set the floors of the night clubs on fire. The author Manali Oak brings in all elements related to hip hop culture in a short and informative article in the context of Afro-American culture…
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HIP HOP Dance (Article Responses)
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"HIP HOP Dance ( Responses)"

Download file to see previous pages While the article is quite informative regarding the different related dance forms, it does not talk much about the characteristics of hip hop culture apart from dance moves. Hence the reading becomes little monotonous at times and the details and given one after another without much flow or transition of paragraphs maintained. The dance form helps in maintaining fitness can be regarded as an added advantage. It has been seen that many people prefer to learn and practice a dance form like this instead of hitting a gym. This helps in combining pleasure with effort and lead to the desirable outcome. One of the beneficial impacts observed in the article about this dance form is that it helped in minimisimg violence as people charge their energy into break dancing with each other instead of fighting. This is the psychological aspect explored by the author and gives us innovative insights. We come to learn the various forms of Hip Hop dance includes Harlem shake, Snap dance, Gangsta walking. Thus these arouse the readers’ interests in learning more about this dance form in practice. It would not be wrong to say that this art form has become a part of our culture. Thus we see that Hip Hop has got a worldwide appeal with more than million followers over the world. Reference Oak, M. (2013), History of Hip hop dance,retrieved on September 15, 2013 from: Pedagogy of Hip Hop dance Watching Hip hop dance in the classroom instead of continuous chain of boring lectures sounds fascinating indeed. Gone are the days of Gurukul system where the learners imbibe knowledge verbally from their guru. The author Seth E. Davis comes out with an innovatively fresh approach of conducting a literature class on the beats of hip hop music and dance. The article brings out a certain diversion from education to a dance form rendering a pedagogical significance through the medium of an art form. The arcticle observes that Hip hop dance form has helped in narrowing the gap between the learners and the instructors. The view of combining the techniques of the dance form into the curriculum is supported by various scholars.Use of Hip hop dialogue through rap, spoken words, dancing, turntablism and muralism are the ways of learning taken up by students, as pointed by the scholar Rodriguez. Hence it helps in spreading knowledge among the students in an interesting way. The author here neglects the relevance of the discipline factor in a student life. Though the article facilitates healthy development of teacher – pupil relationship which forms the core aim of education but it undermines the importance of teachers in the long run. Hip hop culture manifests students to think critically on a subject matter and develop their own understanding. Inspite of the fact that the art form marks a tool for social change, it cannot be overlooked that it hampers the overall atmosphere of the classroom. Reference Davis, S. (2007 ), Hip hop pedagogy, retrieved on September 15, 2013 from: The Evolution of Hip Hop: Is it even Hip-Hop? Is the role of hip hop limited to uplift back culture? Have the basic features changed? Kool DJ Herc is regarded as the pioneer of the hip-hop culture. However, throughout the years the culture has gone through vast changes. In the article titled “The Evolution of Hip-hop; Is it even Hip-hop?” Dushawn Roberts opines that the exclusive American-African culture has been greatly influenced as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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