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A sociological Imagination - Essay Example

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Topic: A sociological Imagination Observation On my way home from work I see a man who was dressed very professionally. I though perhaps he was a business man or a very high ranking person. It turned out that we were both walking in the same direction. However, I had to stop and sit for a while…
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A sociological Imagination Essay
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A sociological Imagination

Download file to see previous pages... He took off his blazer and sat it near the briefcase. Then, he opened the door. Realizing that there was no door holder he held the door open with his foot. Stretching over to his briefcase, he took out a newspaper and placed it in the door. His actions made me very curious and I continued to watch. I could see that he was going to get into something interesting. The man went on into the garbage room. All of the people that were passing by on the road could see him with his bare hands in the large, silver garbage bins; which happened to be quite full at the time. The man searched through every bag. He ripped them apart one by one. By that time I realized that he did not care at all about what the other people were thinking of him. He simply focused on that one thing that he was doing and kept on; searching, probably, for the right bin bag. I started to feel that I probably should not be staring at him as steady as I was. Yet, I was curious and could not help myself. I needed to know, or to see, just what it was that meant so much to him that he would be doing this. The man moved slowly from the first container to the next one. This time, however, he chose to just climb right in. This time it looked like he found what he was looking for. It was the smile on his face that let me know he had accomplished his task. He takes the bin bag that he found, picks up his blazer and suitcase, and walks on home wearing a big smile. I am glad that the man found what he was looking for; especially since he had to spend time in a room like that. However, I am still curious as to what could have been in that bag that meant so much to him. Sociological Account Sociology has been defined as, “The study of the social bases of what is known, believed or valued both by individuals and society” (Drislane and Parkinson, n.d.). It differs from psychology in that psychology deals primarily with the mind of an individual. It differs from history in that sociology does not only study what occurred in the past, but what is taking place in the present. Sociology also varies from common sense because it uses a scientific approach to generating understanding. According to the Princeton Review, “Sociologists study human society and social behavior through the prism of group formations and social, political, religious, and economic institutions” (2011). It is the duty of a sociologist to study events and relationships in society to identify how sociological understanding can build upon the knowledge of the way society functions. Sociology is at tool that serves to verify philosophies or create new ones. At its best, this field of study grants a means by which policies can be created that will serve the greater good. During the consideration of the observation discussed herein, a multitude of questions may arise in the minds of sociologists. There are many aspects that the sociologist may consider when making an observation. According to the University of California, San Diego, Sociology integrates the findings of economics, political science, psychology and history. Rather than viewing our world only through one lens, sociologists view the world though lenses that combine these diverse perspectives” (Department of Sociology, n.d.). To form the sociological questions that may be asked about the observation described in this paper the factors used are social, economic, political, and religious. The questions may be found in table 1. Table 1: Questions a sociologist may ask Topics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociological imagination
Yet this imagining of the individual cannot stand because the society relies on the individual to shape it – “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” (Mills 1959). The problem, however, is that people do not often imagine the role they play in shaping and repeating the institutions of society – thus they may be victimized by society, and yet not necessarily take any kind of real active stand against the sociological factors that lead to that victimization.
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Sociological imagination
It makes them feel privileged that they are a part of the societal manifestations that one very fondly needs to be within. It is because of this that the students believe that they should be provided with secondary school education so that their domains could be understood in a much better way than if they were not given a chance to acclimatize themselves.
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Sociological Imagination

The conclusion from this study states that individuals may utilize their sociological imagination to query largely conventional issues, for example, unemployment and its impact and, therefore, recognize personal experiences and public concerns as different notions of one component. It is evident that Mills believes both society and individuals have an impact on each other.

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Sociological imagination
An individual is an element of society. The society acts forces on this element. Sociological imagination enables the individual to identify these forces, their impacts.
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Sociological Imagination
Of all the negative effects of war, loneliness is probably the most common. It can occur during any time of transition or disruption. Loneliness is a feeling of deprivation about one's existing social relations. But what makes people feel deprived According to some researchers loneliness is produced by a discrepancy between what we actually have and what we want.
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Sociological Perspective and Sociological Imagination
The self comprises of two attributes the 'I' and 'me'. The 'I' is referred to as in response to the outside world and 'me' reflects more of the social life. It can be easily be observed that people do lie in between the two assumptions and that people are aware that they will have self-control problems, but the fact is that they cannot rely upon their judgments as they feel themselves to be more prone to faulty predictions.
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Sociological Imagination Essay
Underlying this feeling of being trapped are the seemingly uncontrollable and continuous changes to society. Almost 50 years has passed since Mills had prescribed solutions to these "traps" which he called sociological imagination. He strongly argued that the sociological imagination will free people from traps as it enables its possessor to "understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals." However, the present day situation in the global community proves that the operation of sociological imagination was not able to lift the trap engulfing individuals.
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Sociological Imagination
ansformation, taking place in their environment, in the pretext of their socio-political history, which would be highly beneficial for them in respect of understanding the developments being made around them in future years to come. Social imagination, according to Mills, is
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Sociological Imagination
I considered choosing other colleges offering this program. After carefully examining various factors, I chose this for it was the best. After consulting widely, I finally settled for this college because of its clear and strict curriculum coupled with its friendly fees that it charges.
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Sociological imagination
Nowadays, the improvement in technology has made it really hard to bring up a child. Unlike in the past where the child would be encouraged to play with other children and in
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