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Reality Based Education - Case Study Example

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The complexity originates from the fact that some of the personnel make different inferences and judgments pertaining human resource issues. Accordingly, some of these differences lead towards the misunderstanding…
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Reality Based Education
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Extract of sample "Reality Based Education"

Download file to see previous pages They facilitate the operation ability of the labor element of production. Difference perceptions about human resource trends exist amongst the different personnel in the corporate world. This paper depicts a case study analysis of the case study “The Right Way with Employees?” In this case study issues concerning, human resource management in the real world will get analyzed.
Social contract is a phenomenon that entitles and establishes elements that categorize the forms of relations between persons in an organization. It is common to identify situations and working environments through identifying the character traits of a person’s social contract demeanor (McCarthy, 2011). Most likely, the way a person relates with the others determines the art of the social contract assumed. For instance, the cases of Kirby and Cunningham impose differences in the level of social relations.
Kirby’s assumption of the social contract is affirmative, especially considering the way he treats employees. The manager is oriented and concerned about the welfare of the employees hired by the company. In most instances, most managers create a division setup between them and the employees they hire. That is; they maintain official relations that put away the idea of relating on a personal basis. According to Kirby, the employee’s social and economic affairs were a concern to the company. That makes him part of the concern. For instance, he makes sure that he establishes a personal relationship with the employees. According to many, the leadership skills demonstrated by Kirby create an integrative environment between the employees and their seniors. He establishes the essentiality of collaboration in terms of skills and ability to cooperate amongst the workmates.
Kirby understands and complies fully with the SOP (standard operating procedures). However, he also respects the need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reality Based Education Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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