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The paper “Married Life” is a compare and contrast essay on life before and after marriage. The comparison is being made with respect to a man’s life. This paper tells that life before and after marriage are totally different from each other…
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Married Life
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Life before and after marriage:
This is a compare and contrast essay on the life before and after marriage. The comparison is being made with respect to a man’s life. Life before and after marriage are totally different from each other. A man has to lead a new family after marriage which inculcates responsibility in him. For a man, the clumsiness of the life before marriage is replaced with conscientiousness in the life after marriage.
An unmarried man does not need to earn because he has no one to feed but himself, for which the parents’ earning suffices, unless the man comes from a poor family background and needs to start earning at a very early age. Unmarried men prefer to hang out with friends. They party, race and do stunts of different kinds not only to kill the time, but to live through and enjoy every moment of it. Meanwhile, there is also an urge to find a job and start earning because they will soon start a new family. Therefore, most men are extremely conscious and determined to choose a profession and settle down. Some start their own business if they are lucky enough to retrieve the investment from their parents. Others work hard and excel in studies to be able to secure good jobs. Some men are just not good enough in studies and do not have any investment to establish a business. So they opt to go abroad either to study or to work. Most of the young unmarried people tend to go abroad for studies and once they reach there, they tend to look out for work instead of studies. Thus, a sound source of income is a big goal of all unmarried men. Meanwhile, they celebrate their freedom in any way they feel like. Usually, parents become lenient with their sons as they grow up and give them room to do things their own way and discover themselves. So there is usually no one to criticize an unmarried man.
Marriage offers numerous benefits that include mental and physical satisfaction (Stutzer and Frey, 2003, p. 328). A marriage is essentially a process (Manion and Manion, 2001, p. 12) in which an individual has to do certain things on daily basis without any break until the end of life. In the capacity of a husband and a father, a married man needs to earn bread for the family. Being the head of the family, he has to take care of and protect the family. A married man spends most of his time with his family. The connection with friends becomes very weak. In fact, a married man tends to make such friends that would be beneficial for him in some way. Most men break connection with old friends that can not benefit them in any way. After marriage, a man becomes even more conscious about the work, and totally spares such useless activities as hanging out with friends and wasting money. A married man becomes more prudent in spending money as compared to an unmarried man. The responsibility inculcates maturity and a man becomes responsible in every manner.
A man enjoys complete freedom in the life before marriage, and becomes responsible after marriage. Everyone feels safe when people tend to realize their responsibilities and limitations (Feuerman, n.d.). Marriage essentially inculcates this responsibility in men. Thus, marriage is essential for healthy living.
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