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In the essay “New Year Resolution” the author discusses New Year’s Resolution, which is like a pledge or a promise done at the onset of a coming year to reform or change a certain habit or to do something not previously done usually to make a person better…
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New Year Resolution
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Extract of sample "New Year Resolution"

New Year Resolution First Video: http Second Video: http New Year’s Resolution is like a pledge or a promise done at the onset of a coming year to reform or change a certain habit or to do something not previously done usually to make a person better. I chose the videos from you tube which both explains what New Year Resolution is. The first video is about a family with a father pledging that he will sleep earlier while the children are making their own commitment as well. The other video is an interview with different kinds of people asking them on how they interpret New Year Resolution is. In the first video, the people who made a commitment for reform are done within the context of the family. The father pledged to sleep three hours earlier (at 12 Midnight instead of 3 in the morning perhaps to be able to wake up earlier and spend time with his children before going to school). The children are doing their part to have better eating habit and healthier lifestyle by playing outside when the weather is good than playing with the computer. The other video is like a compilation of interpretation of what New Year Resolution is to different people. Commitment made ranged from making something good, to effect a change within themselves, to a new start for a new year and to stick to them. Personally, I find the first video more effective and compelling because it appeals to human nature. With a family and kids making commitment to better their selves, it sounds more convincing not to mention cute and touching. After all, New Year Resolution is not just about the commitment itself but the effort to make one’s self better with the support of a family which is shown in video one with the father asking the assent of his daughters with his New Year Resolution. Read More
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