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This experiential paper about aids aims to discuss the presentation. This presentation took place on March 4, 2011 between 9.a.m. until 1 p.m. It is an exclusive school for boys. The participants were mainly selected from senior class who are expected to attend college next year…
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Experiential Paper about AIDS
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Experiential Paper about AIDS An Overview of the Project I visited my nephew's school Eagle Academy in Bronx NY. My nephew’s is Brandon Moss. This presentation took place on March 4, 2011 between 9.a.m. until 1 p.m. It is an exclusive school for boys. The participants were mainly selected from senior class who are expected to attend college next year. At the back of my mind, I chose this group since they may already have sexual experience. In fact, many adolescents nowadays are sexually active but have no idea how to protect themselves, which can lead to sexually-transmitted diseases like AIDS. AIDS in the United States was first detected by Center for Disease Control in the Los Angeles area as early as 1981 where it first appeared as simple case of pneumonia among homosexuals ( Gottlieb, 2006). I wanted to educate the subject about AIDS and how it is prevented by practicing safe sex or abstinence. We sat in one of the empty classrooms and I started off discussing all about AIDS and how to avoid acquiring this infection. The group was interested on the subject and some boys asked questions to clear some misconceptions about AIDS. Apparently, this was their first encounter with a discussion regarding this sensitive topic. It can also be inferred that some of the boys have sexual experience due to the nature of questions they have asked. Target Population Most of the participants were teen-age boys identified as : Justin Thomas, Deshawn Harris, and Devon Rainey. They are all 18 years of age and classmates of my nephew. The boys were cooperative and agreed to be join the lecture/discussion because they trust my nephew. They asked smart questions that enhanced this experiential activity. The Activities and Presentation At the beginning of the presentation, I gave the group of an overview of AIDS. I started with a definition of AIDS. I explained that it stands for: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome while HIV means Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus. I also explained that HIV is spread through infection via blood , semen or vaginal fluid. Using dirty needles is a common cause of transmission which commonly happens in the case of drug users. It can also happen if men are not wearing condom during sexual intercourse. Eventually the partner ( wife ) may get infected and transmit it to an unborn baby which complicates the issue. The group reacted with shock and sadness upon knowing these information I presented to them. The most rewarding part of the presentation comes in the form of promise that the boys told me. They said that they would try as much as possible to abstain from sex especially if they are unprotected. It was a very open discussion that touched me because the boys also didn’t know where to turn to when it comes to asking questions about sex. Conclusion I want the participants to know the importance of safe sex and education on AIDS before they go to college. Also, AIDS does not discriminate because it can affect anyone. It sis faceless because you wouldn’t know who is infected and who is not by simply looking at a person which makes it very dangerous. The prevention of AIDS is a joint responsibility between two partners. Protect yourself and make sure your partner practices safe sex. Also, they need to have more HIV programs for people infected by AIDS. Education and awareness is necessary, more treatment options are needed which should be offered to the public. Lastly, compassion for people infected with Aids/HIV is crucial.  Works Cited Gottlieb MS (2006). "Pneumocystis pneumonia--Los Angeles. 1981". Am J Public Health 96 (6): 980–1; discussion 982–3.PMC 1470612. PMID 16714472. Retrieved 2011-03-31. Read More
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