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Mental illness increases HIV/AIDS tests - Term Paper Example

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The research examined whether mental illnesses affects the proportion of HIV/AIDS tests. This study was a behavioral study on how people associate HIV/AIDS with the mentally ill. Individuals suffering from mental illness are likely to have received more HIV/AIDS tests than their counterparts are…
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Mental illness increases HIV/AIDS tests
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The study revealed that people who suffered from mental disorders or who provide them with due care recognize the importance of testing the patients (Yehia 2014). This is because they are at a greater risk (Yehia 2014). However, the results are complacent because they are largely due to individual participants’ vigilance (Yehia 2014). The fact is that there are more and formal screening endeavors and prevention measures targeted at this risk population (Yehia 2014). It is more likely for a mentally ill individual to participate in activities that are risky to their health (Yehia 2014). It is prudent for mental health care staff to routinely give mental health patients HIV/AIDS/AIDS testing in more frequent routines (Yehia 2014).
This article is a research paper analyzing HIV Testing among Adults with Mental Illness in the United States. This article will also analyze a research article, which received publication in the AIDS Patient Care and STDs journal in December 2014 (Yehia 2014). This research examines the possibility of mental illnesses increasing HIV/AIDS tests by humans (Yehia 2014). The results will be unbiased in regards to age and gender comparison (Yehia 2014). This research aims to give statistics on the possibility of increased HIV test with regard to quantity and time spent suffering from mental illness.This research will help doctors dealing with mental illnesses and show people dangers associated with mental illnesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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