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Ethical dilemma with regards to the issue of same sex marriage - Essay Example

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Some people are no longer certain whether some actions should be considered as right or wrong. Thus, a typical example of an ethical dilemma is when people look at the same thing and some would regard it as morally right while others would regard it as morally bad. …
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Ethical dilemma with regards to the issue of same sex marriage
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Extract of sample "Ethical dilemma with regards to the issue of same sex marriage"

Download file to see previous pages Topical issues in this area mainly involve homosexuality and same sex marriage. In different societies, these issues are treated with mixed reactions where in some cases, there is nothing wrong with the two while in some areas, the practices are condemned. An analysis of the BBC story entitled, “US gay marriage ban: US government drops defence of law” (24 February 2011) is going to be carried in the following section to evaluate the concept of ethical dilemma.
In this particular story, the US government has indicated that it will no longer defend in the courts a law banning federal recognition of same-sex marriages approved by states since it has emerged that President Barack Obama had found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. According to the 1996 law, marriage is defined as “only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.” However, about five states and Washington DC allow same sex marriage which is seen as controversial. In view of the DOMA, same sex marriage is unlawful and socially, this practice is viewed as morally wrong by some people. Other people see nothing wrong with this practice which raises the question of an ethical dilemma.
Decision making is mainly concerned with the act of seeking information, interpreting it and based on such perceptions, arriving at a conclusion in relation to strategic issues (Schultz et al 2005). The main problem in this case is that President Barack Obama, a constitutional lawyer, has deemed that the law violated the equal protection provisions of the US constitution. It is the duty of the courts to make the decisions with regards to the marriage act about its constitutionality. The rational decision making model is more appropriate for this task. It uses a four-step sequence of identifying the problem, generating alternative solutions, selecting a solution and implementing and evaluating the solution (Schultz et al 2005). In as far as ethical theories are concerned, a rational approach needs to be taken with regards to this controversial issue which often raises some ethical dilemmas. The utilitarianism theory retrieved from (2011), suggest the notion of promoting good or valued ends rather than using the right means. This theory mainly emphasises on working towards the outcomes that will give the most advantage to the majority of those affected in the most impartial way possible. Achieving the greatest good for the greatest number is the idea behind this theory hence same sex marriage should be given the green light to those who are involved. People do have rights and in as far as these rights do not infringe upon other people’s rights, this kind of union should be allowed since it will be an affair between only two people. In order to resolve the problem, there is need to revise the marriage laws in US in line with the stipulations of the constitution. Views must be gathered from all sectors of the society and these must be incorporated into the revised law so as to try to accommodate the needs and interests of all the members of the society. In this case, the probable alternative to this controversial issue is to allow same sex marriage since it affects only two people than creating unnecessary divisions among the citizens over an issue that does not negatively affect the functioning of the economy of the US. A close analysis of this issue shows that it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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