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Discuss the definition and the sources of christian theology and how is Systematic theology related to Biblical theology and Christian ethics - Essay Example

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Theology is defined as the science/study of God and his relations and interactions with humans and other members of the created world, which are his creation. This definition is in line with the definition drawn from the Greek language. The term ‘theology’ can be split into…
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Discuss the definition and the sources of christian theology and how is Systematic theology related to Biblical theology and Christian ethics
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Extract of sample "Discuss the definition and the sources of christian theology and how is Systematic theology related to Biblical theology and Christian ethics"

Download file to see previous pages ers to the knowledge of man about the supernatural, who is the creator, and this belief is fundamentally integrated into man’s constitution that, he is religious in every aspect (McGrath, 2011, pp. 21). Theology refers to the intellectual circle of religious constructs and observance. Religion refers to the spiritual experience of man and theology is the explanation or the rationale behind the experience (Gonzalez and Perez, 2002, pp. 89). Religion and theology are related in the same ways that astronomy is related to heavenly bodies, the human body and physiology and the earth and geology. In a similar manner, to the way the earth and the stars existed before humans had formulated knowledge and study about them, so were men intrinsically religious, prior to their formulation of theology (McGrath, 2001, pp. 12). Humans are instinctively religious, even without the need for reasoning religious issues out. It is not Christianity alone, but all other religions have their own theology. In the case of traditional religious systems, theology refers to the reasons underlying the religious actions of the fetish worshiper, irrespective of the fact that the actions may be crude (Gonzalez and Perez, 2002, pp. 90). This line of though demonstrates the intellectual aspect of the religious inclination of humans, irrespective of whether their theological practices are traditional or modern in nature. The major divisions of theological science include the exegetical, historical, the systematic and the practical divisions.
Christian theology refers to the study that seeks to develop a coherent framework of Christian faith and practice. The constructs of Christian theology are primarily grounded on the writings of the bible teachings contained in the new and the Old Testament, together with traditional beliefs and the practices of the Old Testament (Gonzalez and Perez, 2002, pp. 18-19). Christian theologians use the rational analysis of bible teachings, biblical exogenesis, and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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