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What sociological factors affect voting - Research Paper Example

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This paper will make use of literature review and 2008 elections outcome results to establish if sociological factors such as race, religion, and gender and income levels played a role in determining the 2008 U.S. presidential voting outcome…
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What sociological factors affect voting
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that political orientation of individuals is determined by several factors. Moreover, there are factors that influence the political decisions made by the individual from a given diversity group. There is existing evidence that certain sociological factors influence the voting tendencies in different regions of the world. The United States is often viewed as a beacon of democracy. In a democracy, people determine the decisions within the nation through actions such as voting. Although U.S. is considered a democracy, certain sociological factors greatly influence voting processes hence election outcomes. Elections are quite complicated and different factors influence the outcome. Sociological factors such as race, income levels, religion, and gender are among the major influencers of voting outcomes in the United States. The present research has identified that the 2008 U.S. elections drew attention from the entire globe. Campaigns demonstrated great competitiveness between the Democratic presidential Candidate, Barack Obama and his opponent McCain, the republican candidate. The voter turnout was alarming especially amongst the minority races such as Asians, Black Americans, and Hispanics. Even before the 2008 elections, forecasting models had projected a win for the democratic presidential candidate. The predictions were grounded on different indicators such as the effect of sociological factors....
United States has a common political culture. However, this does not mean all people act the same or make similar decisions. However, there is evidence from existing literature that people in a similar diversity group are likely to make similar choices. Some people will argue that they are democrats or republicans but might not always vote for these parties. This means that there are other forces influencing an individual decision. Several factors are alleged to determine the participation of Americans in the voting process and the voting behaviors. Voters mainly vote when they believe that they have a reason or obligation to vote. Additionally, some voters will turn out to vote if an election is highly contested and they believe that their vote can make a difference. Additionally, the choices of candidates determine the willingness of voters to participate in the voting process. Sociological factors have been shown to affect the way people vote. Sociological factors include race, gender, religion, and income and affect voting results. As it will be established through literature review, sociological factors such as race gender, religion, and income have some effect on the outcome of an election including the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Literature Review In the recent past, several political science researchers have done several researches to assess how behaviors and sociological factors affect political activities such as voting in elections. In United States, most of the research has been triggered by increasing depiction of opinionated election outcomes. Certain regions and states are associated with specific political affiliation. Such affiliations can hardly be attributed to rationality since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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