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The Stress Level of Tyrolean Students - Term Paper Example

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Since the beginning of educational reforms, a lot of researches have been carried out throughout the world on the subject of stresses students carry at the time of education. Different countries of the world hold different education systems. Each system is unique…
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The Stress Level of Tyrolean Students
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Download file to see previous pages Countries like United States, Germany, France, Italy, or England the basic education system is with a tremendous setup to facilitate students. The economic, political and sociological conditions are at the best presence, which to every aspect give a positive impact on the psychological behavior of the students. In the American education system, perceived to be the most effective education system, care is given on the socio-psychological factors of the students. Much importance is given to the self esteem and personal value. With promising facilitation and with convincing education environment, the students come with a high esteem of getting knowledge. The scenario in under developing countries likewise India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka is totally different. Due to intense rates of poverty and with poor economic situation, the education system is with bad presence. The psychology of students revolves around many factors. The economic condition, the political situation, family background and social status are few factors of influence. Environment is something which directly relates to the psychology of a student. There have been cases recorded in which students obtain depression, psychological disorders and attempt suicide at the time of getting education. This is all due to pressure they have to intake at the time of their education. The cases are quite prominent in high school, college and University level students, where the students try to focus on their professional education....
A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Sept. 2) elaborated that thousands of medical students are found with mental burnouts at the time of their professional education. 2,200 students were accessed from seven different schools. All of them were found with perpetual exhaustions and burnouts. 11% of the students tried to attempt suicide in the final year of college, while the rest were found with deep internal depression. Confusion and distress are found to be the causes of the stresses in the students of high school and college (Tomaselli, 2008). In one study carried out in the medical physicians section recorded 400 suicide cases per year. Schernhammer (Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School) studied several physician suicide cases in the region. Eva indicated that the concept of suicide begins from early medical school period, when the student is surrounded with initial inevitable stresses. She also revealed four cases in which doctors attempted suicide at the time of her year in Oncology Vienna, Austria (Tomaselli, 2008). Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to analyze and compare the causes and effects of stress found in Tyrolean students. The impact of different factors including general and those related to studies is investigated on the stress condition that students currently consider themselves to be experiencing. Moreover, the perceptions, views and opinions related to causes of stress, stress management, personal assessment related to stress, and impact of stress on health are explored and compared on the basis of a grouping related to gender using statistical modeling. Research Objectives The aim of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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