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Stress among Student Nurses - Research Paper Example

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Stress among student nurses Name Institution Introduction Over the past years, a lot of studies, about levels and sources of stress among nursing students, have been carried out. These studies were mainly carried out to find out the level of stress among the nursing students and the factors that trigger the stress…
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Stress among Student Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Stress affects different people differently since various people perceive stress differently (Michie, 2003). This paper is objectively meant to discuss stress among student nurses, identifying the causes of these stressors and the effects on individuals and the surrounding. Historical perspective Nursing as a subject has been around for a long time. The only difference is that technology introduced better and more advanced equipments in the study as compared to the previous years. Many studies have been carried out regarding the topic of stress among student nurses, and various results were found. For example, a study was carried out in Mansoura at the faculty of nursing, in Mansura University. The study intended to find out the level of stressors among the student nurses, and to find out the possible factors that cause this. The method used in this study was the use of questionnaires which were self administered. The questions in the questionnaire included a list of possible stressors, physical wellbeing factors, perceived stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms (Michie, 2003). The age bracket of the student nurses that took part in the study was 17-22 years, where 68% of the total population was from the rural area. After the completion of the study, results were compiled. One of the results showed that a majority of these students perceived stress in mild level, while a few of them bout 12.4% perceived stress in high levels. From this result, it was concluded that some of the reasons that lead to stress among nursing students was education policy. In many countries, for example, in Egypt, nursing colleges admit a large number of students. This does not only cause congestion in classes, but also reduces the level of education (Rhead, 2007). The level of education is compromised since the students, and the teachers do not have a one to one discussion where the student can discuss what they find difficult, with the lectures. The ratio of the student to the students does not balance. Traditionally, these colleges handle studies in a passive learning environment. The faculty offers information, and students memorize the information given to them. This education system denies students the opportunity to learn how to synthesize information, to unravel problems (Rhead, 2007). Another factor seen to be a cause of the stress among the nursing students was the level of nursing education. In countries like Egypt, for instance, there are three various types of nurses; college graduate nurses, technical institute graduates and those from nursing school/ diploma nurses (Rhead, 2007). College and technical institute graduate nurses comprise 4% and 2% of the Egyptian nursing staff respectively. Diploma nurses are; thus, the majority, making 94%. This factor affected the nurses who attended college since even, though, they worked so hard and were able to get their degrees, they ended up being assistant practical nurses who take orders from junior doctors and senior diploma nurses, unlike in the past where they had leadership and prestigious positions in the hospital environment (Arm, 2011). This kills their morale and causes stress on the college graduates nursing students. The third cause of stress among student nurses discovered from the study was low income. Nursing is not an easy subject, and it is also tremendously expensive. Many graduates hope to be paid well after studying so hard when they join the job market. However, in the nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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