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Design Principles and Applications for Construction and the Built Environment Assignment 1 & 2 Insert name (s) Course Design Principles and Applications for Construction and the Built Environment ASSIGNMENT 1 Introduction This feasibility report is intended to rationally and objectively highlight some of the strengths, weaknesses as well as challenges in the design phases of the speculative office development…
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Design principles and application for construction and the built environment
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Download file to see previous pages The assessment of the design phases as well as the planning of the entire construction process will be primarily based on the design requirements such as the design processes, materials, services and the environmental factors that affect planning and the specification of materials (Levy, 2006, p.45). Generally this will involve the evaluation of the various planning and design phases involved and the ways through which they can be effectively managed and coordinated. 1. Planning and design phase of the new accommodation office project 1.1. Planning phase Some of the activities that are important during the planning phase include defining the various work tasks at the construction site, estimation of the needed resources and the likely duration of the project tasks, identification the potential interactions between the tasks and finally the development of a time schedule and budget for the entire construction process. In this regard, the activities to be carried out during the construction of the new office accommodation project will be categorized into: 1. clearing of the site 2. excavation of the foundation 3. Concreting and other activities. 4. Installation of key utilities such as water and electricity According to Masterman (2002. p.107), additional activities that may be important during this phase include ordering of materials and installation of utilities. The duration of each of the activities will vary depending on the nature of the task and the availability of the needed resources. It is expected that each of the tasks will be completed within duration of 2 days. After clearance and excavation of the site, concrete foundation walls will be constructed using three brick layers (Ravindra and Dhir, 2000, p.118). The number of workers needed will however be determined by the sub contractors who will be hired to undertake the construction process of the new office accommodation project. A standard crew required for both the construction of the entire new office development will comprise of a foreman, thirty laborers and between five to ten finishers. On the other hand, the equipments that will be needed for the completion of these tasks include concrete mixers, a vibrator and a concrete pump. Figure1. Excavation of the construction site Figure2. Construction of the concrete walls of the Atrium and the new building Fig3. Tentative programme for the development of the accommodation building 1.2. Design phase During this phase, project team will be resolving all the design challenges likely to be experienced during the construction project and integrating various design concepts into a functional plan. With regard to the architectural design and the site plan, a number of mechanical and civil processes such as water systems, electricity supply and other installations will be integrated into the structural systems (Brian, 2001, p.75). This processes will however be carried out after the completion of site investigations such as soil analysis. Special excavation equipment will be required during the construction of the underground car pack in the basement of the new building. The materials needed include: 1. concrete 2. reinforcement steel 3. Prefabricated building materials Some of the design challe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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