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The relationship between the divorce of the parents and the social life and behavior of the children - Research Proposal Example

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Abstract In this research study the researcher will try to investigate and explore the relationship between the divorce between the parents and the social life and behavior of the children. The research study will be based on the attachment theory and the social learning theory…
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The relationship between the divorce of the parents and the social life and behavior of the children
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Extract of sample "The relationship between the divorce of the parents and the social life and behavior of the children"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from this, the researcher will be considerate about the ethical considerations related to the research project. Table of Contents Abstract 1 Chapter 1 3 Problem Statement, Theoretical Framework, and Research Questions: 3 Problem Statement: 3 Theoretical Framework: 4 Research Questions: 6 Chapter 2 7 Outline of the Literature Review: 7 Problem Statement: 7 Theoretical Framework 7 Research Question 8 Variables 8 Predictions and Implications of Research 8 Chapter 3 10 Research Methodology: 10 Chapter 4 17 Analysis and Justification of Methodology: 17 Chapter 1 Problem Statement, Theoretical Framework, and Research Questions: For this course, the topic of marital and partner harmony’s relationship with positive outcomes for children will be explored. This topic will be viewed across various populations such as homosexuals, ethnic minorities, and parents with disabilities. This will be the focus of research because it is the most relevant to the research interest for the dissertation. In the dissertation, the school-to-prison pipeline will be investigated, as well as, the early classification or labeling of children (e.g., honors, gifted, special education, etc.) in elementary schools. It is assumed that this classification will impact the children’s future outcomes. ...
Perception can dictate whether the outcome will be positive or negative. Problem Statement: Children who grow up in an intact, two-parent family with both parents present do better on a wide range of outcomes than children who grow up in a single-parent family. Single parenthood is not the sole predictor of childhood maladjustment, but it is an individual contributor to school dropout rates, teenage pregnancy and juvenile delinquency. In an effort to reduce negative outcomes, research is needed to explore the impact of harmonious parental relationships on positive outcomes for children. If this problem is not extensively studied and responded to, society runs the risk of elevating negative teenage statistics as they relate to school, pregnancy and crime. Theoretical Framework: This research problem will be viewed through the theoretical lenses of attachment theory and social learning theory. Attachment theory suggests that success or failure to form strong attachments with family, peers, and other significant individuals in childhood will directly impact outcomes in an individual’s adult life. Akers & Sellers (2009) believe that repeated failures to form positive attachments with role models in a child’s life might isolate him or her from social interaction, result in a lack of social skills and low self-esteem, and increase resentfulness and an increased need to fit in and prove themselves. When analyzing the research problem using this model, the concepts that will be measured include maternal deprivation, delinquency and aggression levels. The second framework, social learning theory, suggests that the “principle part of the learning of any behavior occurs within intimate personal groups” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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