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What is institutional racism? David Wellman defines racism as a system of advantage based on race . Racism is defined by French philosopher Albert Memmi as stressing a difference between individuals or populations. The difference can be real or imagined and in itself doesn't entail racism (or, analogy, sexism)…
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Download file to see previous pages... Institutional racism is a degree of discrimination in a bureaucracy or an organization which represents a bias against the physical or cultural identity of a person which does not enable them to get their deserving status , examples of institutional racism may be preferences shown be law schools to wealthy families most of them which are white .  It can occur in institutions such as public government bodies, private business corporations (such as media outlets), and universities (public and private). Institutional racism can be done on purpose or due to a person’s subconscious. Such as the inclination of people in the institution feeling different to a person of a different race and not understanding their perspectives. Below are the definitions of some institutions where racism does take place and people are discriminated against due to their appearance, beliefs and values. Define fully political racism? Political racism is a an attempt to gain an advantage by discrimination against a person in the political setup or someone who is attempting to be a part of politics due to a person’s race and color, another form of political racism is to impose linguistic, geographic and other barriers to voters who can vote rendering the minorities ineligible to vote. Such as not voting for a black candidate due to his race, you believe he should not be given certain authority. In simpler terms if you are white and you do not vote for Obama because he is black then you are a racist , but if you are black and voting for Obama for the same reason then you are being racist as well . Define fully economic racism? Economic racism is seeking an advantage to a particular party by discrimination against a particular race of people due to their monetary standing , such as giving the migrant a lower job than this skill sets in contrast to a local of the region , this is considered to be economic racism . The United States has seen an increasing trend between an increase in the monetary disparity between the white families with the Black and Hispanics. Today, black per capita income is about three-fifths of whites, in the United States which shows a degree of economic racism existing within the society. Define Housing racism? Housing racism is discrimination against a particular race of people in the acquiring, leasing or renting of a property. Housing racism is another huge problem in the United States, the median net worth of black households in 2004 was under twelve thousand dollars which is close to ten percent that of non-Hispanic white families. A sense of ownership does not occur in people who do not own a property in their future and society. Define Legal Racism? Legal Racism is the discernment of a particular race of people in regards to the legislative and the judicial system of the country. An example of legal racism can believe a person to be guilty just because he belongs to a poor black family. A modern day event which took place was of a Tennessee Judge telling a Mexican woman to learn English or lose custody of her child. Legal Racism is present all over the world and to a lesser extent the United States of America where Mexicans, Asians, Black people etc are subjected to legal racism. Define Cultural Racism? Cultural Racism is discrimination against the beliefs, values and norms of a particular race which are predominately followed in their surroundings. There are many examples of cultural racism, such as not allowing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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