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The modern prison is the new lunatic asylum and deviance is madness. Discuss - Essay Example

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Deviant behaviors Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Deviant behaviors The modern prison is the new lunatic asylum Introduction There is no argument in suggesting that insanity has become rampant in modern day society. This brings up the issue of deviance…
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The modern prison is the new lunatic asylum and deviance is madness. Discuss
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Extract of sample "The modern prison is the new lunatic asylum and deviance is madness. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Madness as people may call it is responsible for many deviant behaviors in society. For this reason, mental unstable individuals are separated from society. With proper medication this individuals are able to come back to the society as sane members of the community. Many people in mental institutions have a criminal history. The criminal incidences sometimes are not out of will but with negative influence from their brain. Such crimes include sexual violence and murder. Over the years prisons have been used as the best contrivance for punishment of wrong doers. This is the best way of punishing criminals without breaching their rights. Since the establishment of confinements, they have evolved to suit human beings. As the numbers in societies increased there were increased forms of crimes and hence lead to the establishment of more confinement institutions. Many things happen behind prison walls, which are hidden from the public. The real picture of the prison, the public has on the state of prisoners is only their state during visiting hours (Janet, 2011). However, prison life is difficult behind the facilities far from the public to see. Prisoners are known for their high levels of frustrations and taking out their anger on fellow prisoners. In the modern society, we have strong members of the human rights activists who advocate for equality to all human beings. The activists are responsible for many prison reforms in the modern world. However, the human rights do not have the power to control the anger of prisoner and the violence among one another. With significant reduced numbers of prison violence from warders, the prisons have had at least a lifeline of sanity. In the modern world, however, sanity in prisons is far from being achieved. Ex- convicts say much of their prisons life. They give their ordeals next to beasts that do not see anything of worth in life. Prisoner who come from prison confinements have tragic memories of what happens behind the walls of these government institutions. Some ex-convicts also compare the prisons to mental institutions (Janet, 2011). In the case of mental institutions, the institutions are not of age in society. Mental institutions and asylums are confinements of the mentally unstable persons in society. Mental institutions scenes are as condemning as the prison scenes. However, there are different types of asylums. There some used on people with mild mental instability and the ones used to confine people with severe mental conditions. Mild mental institutions are not usually tragic and violence related. This cannot be said about the severe cases confinements. These confinements hold men and women of no logic consideration of any kind. Researchers have reported deaths in the mental asylums inflicted by other lunatics. In some instances, the lunatics are held strongly by chains which hinder locomotion (Janet, 2011). Additionally, a few deaths have been reported on doctors and nurses in the medical institutions. In contemplation, should governments take the position of hiring real police men to handle the mental asylums? If this was to be the case the difference between prisons and the mental asylums would be very minute. Mental asylums are said to have severe violent scenes than the prisons. The only difference is that the lunatics’ violence attitude can be controlled medically. The violence by lunatics is inevitable since they do not have the control of their brain. Due to this claim, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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