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Globalization and Food Industry - Essay Example

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Globalization has made an impact on different industries, businesses as well as consumers. There have been changes in the food systems in different parts of the world. Today, people have access to greater variety of foods than previous days and they can enjoy different kinds of foods. …
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Globalization and Food Industry
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Download file to see previous pages It is because of globalization that trade between countries have increased, markets have become more liberal, technological advancements have allowed firms to improve transportation facilities and their manufacturing facilities, infrastructure have improved and therefore all these and many other factors have allowed goods, services, information and technology to be transferred from one country to another easily and quickly. In addition to this, there have been many investments made throughout the world particularly in the agriculture industry and because of this; some countries have been able to produce better quality and quantity of foods than they previously used to. Imports have reduced, allowing them the advantage to enjoy foods at a better price without giving foreign exchange to other countries.
With all the changes in the food system and market, the competition in the industry has intensified with the passage of time. Not only the advancements has been made in natural foods, but different multinational corporations have also expanded their services and many fast food firms and other food restaurants as well as super markets have expanded their operations to different parts of the world therefore allowing people to enjoy same taste and same food anywhere they are in the world. Globalization allows free movement of capital flows as well and therefore investors have been able to analyze different countries for investment opportunities and they have expanded their business from one country to another to earn better return on their investment. Although, this has harmed and damaged some of the local food providers in both developed as well as developing countries because of the fact that these multinational food corporations are able to offer better quality and better tastes in comparison to many of the local producers and therefore businesses of some of the local food providers have been hurt. Another major improvement in the food industry has been the development and expansion of supermarkets. Supermarkets offer better and improved quality food products and at the same time they offer these products at affordable prices to general consumers. People prefer supermarkets because they feel such markets are convenient and affordable and therefore supermarkets are able to attract highly sophisticated consumers. Globalization has helped in transferring of technology from one country to another easily as well and today super markets have better distribution facilities and better technology, therefore the services offered by the supermarkets have been improved. Although, there have been several changes in the food industry however with the passage of time consumers have realized that they need to have proper diet and manage their food in the right way for better health. There have been changes in the food culture and food system, though the pace of these changes varies from one country to another; however this shift in different countries is going in the same direction. With the passage of time, people have become more diet conscious and more health conscious and they now analyze what they are eating and what they need to eat in order to keep themselves healthy and fit. This report analyzes the changes in the food system around the world particularly in the developing countries because of globalization. Globalization has made drastic changes in different developing countries and thus it has influenced the food systems as well. The report also examines the changes in the diets of people and their effects on the regional diets and health of people. Also the positive and negative aspects of globalization on the food industry have been covered in this report. As the negative trends have been discussed, the report ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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