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The impact of globalization - Essay Example

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Globalisation has impacted every aspect of human life. Globalisation has been through different stages of evolution and at each stage changes have taken place rapidly. The term ‘globalisation’ not very common thirty years ago, is today a major point of discussion all over the word…
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The impact of globalization
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"The impact of globalization"

Download file to see previous pages Globalisation has impacted every aspect of human life. Globalisation has been through different stages of evolution and at each stage changes have taken place rapidly. The term ‘globalisation’ not very common thirty years ago, is today a major point of discussion all over the word. According to Giddens (2006), globalisation could be defined as an external force, which is an outcome of the changes in the economical, political, social and cultural conditions. These have contributed to enhanced global relationship. Appaduria (2008) believes that advance technology, such as industrialism and transport, have contributed significantly to the globalisation process and the development of the hospitality sector as well. This essay will examine relationship between hospitality industry and globalisation process focusing on economic, social and cultural viewpoints. After discussion of the concept and definition of ‘globalisation’ and ‘hospitality’, the historical perspective on social, cultural and economical aspects of the hospitality sector’s development is presented. Next, the inter-relationship between globalization and hospitality is discussed. Lastly, the positive and negative impact of globalisation on hospitality industry is discussed. Concept of globalisation Globalisation means differently to different people. It is the integration of nations through international trade of goods and services (Frankel, 2006). It is the concept of moving towards one world, one single society, one economy. The aim was to open the world market to everybody with the expectation that it would contribute to the social and economic disorder prevailing in the world. Globalisation is also the ‘intensification of worldwide social relations which links distant localities’ and it has also been as the ‘compression of the world’ and ‘a social process in which the people become increasingly aware that they are receding’ (Mak, Lumbers & Eves, 2011). All these definitions imply that globalisation leads to worldwide interdependence and integration, in addition to an increased global consciousness. The major drivers of globalization according to Singer (2004) include social-demographic (regional, cultural), technological advancement. These imply changes in telecommunication, internet, transportation, profit motives, market share, foreign direct investments, ecological and environmental factors such as pollution and green laws, political-legal factors like reducing trade barriers, and political stability. Technological changes have brought about upgradation but have also increased income inequality between highly skilled workers and unskilled workers. As Singer states, the welfare of one individual cannot take place without affecting another individual. Globalisation has widened the gap between the rich and the poor; it has increased competition, liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation but it has undermined the economic prospects for millions of people around the world (Frankel, 2006). Globalisation is also seen as the dominance of western and cultural interests over the rest of the world (Brinkman & Brinkman, 2002). It is also seen as the penetration of capitalism in every corner of the world thereby enabling the entire population to participate in the fruits of international division of labour and economy. Globalisation is a restricting process that affects every aspect of human life – capital flows, political collaboration and flow of ideas (Hjalager, 2007). It also includes environmental pollution, criminal behaviour, diseases and terror. Defining ‘hospitality’ The word hospitality is used by different groups in different ways. Similarly, various definitions of the word ‘hospitality’ are provided. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as, ‘the act or practice of being hospitable: the reception and entertainment of guests or strangers with liberality and goodwill’ (Hepple, Kipps & Thomson, 1990, p306). Some also consider hospitality to be a provision of physical and psychological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts on the labour market of globalization were measured in different aspects that composed the labour market such as globalization in trade and markets; employment and wage; financial and wage liberalization; and foreign and domestic investments. Considering all these factors and the position of the UK government which strives to make globalization work for the people of the United Kingdom, the overall picture of the labour market depicts a highly favourable situation for Great Britain’s global economy.
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