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Employment issue - Essay Example

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The Significance of Business Administration Education and Career Support at a Junior College in Japan 1. Background and Objectives I work at a junior college in Japan as a…. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology defines a junior college as “an institution of higher education that serves a nearby region and plays an important role in the spread of vocational and higher education.” The types of higher educational institutions, providing education in Japan are: four year universities, offering four year courses, junior colleges, and technical colleges…
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Employment issue
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Download file to see previous pages I belong to the Department of Applied Business Studies, which is a part of Social Sciences Department. Comparing to the other field of studies in Japanese junior colleges, the total number of students enrolled in “social” fields less and stands at a mere 11.9%. Half of these junior college students either study educational fields, train to become Child Care Professionals or Preschool Teachers, or they pursue Home Economics and train to become Nutritionists. In other countries, students completing studies at short-term higher educational institutions are now being awarded degrees. Since March 2009, Japanese educational system also, responding to this trend, has adopted the practice of awarding associate degrees to students of junior college. As a result, it seems that growth and consolidation of junior college education is to be expected. However, in reality, the number of students who prefer to attend four year universities has been increasing while the number of junior college entrants has steadily been decreasing. ...
Some of the students are very nervous and they become uncertain whether they will be able to retain their interest and motivation throughout for graduating from a four year university. Besides, 80% of junior college students are females and parents often think that “a junior college that can be finished in two years is adequate for girls.” Some parents feel anxious about the additional financial burdens associated with paying extra tuition fee for a four-year university. In today’s knowledge-based economy, high school students from such families enroll in junior colleges on the belief that it is better to go to a junior college than to graduate from high school, or a career college, and land up in a job. In our department, they study subjects related to business administration. The curriculum contains a lot of practical subjects, such as information processing and bookkeeping. From interviewing the students as part of the entrance examination, it transpires that their motivation, for applying for business administration courses, is to study computers and bookkeeping. On the other hand, I have never heard a student say that he or she wants to study business administration because the genuine actually interest in it. The majority of students enroll for the course without any idea of what business administration is at all. Similarly, many students have actually entered my department without comparing our college to the other junior colleges or four year universities. They seem to feel that it will be easiest to attend our college either because it is close to their home or because the faculty, administrators, and enrolled students are very friendly. Once we meet other requirements and when it comes to choosing a field of study, students seem to feel that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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