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Educational Administration: Theory and Practice Table of Contents Introduction 3 What is Management 3 Leadership 4 Effectiveness of Leader 5 Effectiveness of Administrator 7 Administrator vs. Leader in Complex Organisation 8 Challenges in Complex Organisation 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction A complex organisation can be identified as an organisation working on a wide range of levels for the achievement of the goals of the organisation…
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Educational Administration: Theory and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Organisations of this type tend to receive hyper-competition. By the term hyper-competition the extent of likeness between the two players can be comprehended (Brandeis University, 2008). The main focus of this paper is to comprehend complex organisations and to identify the effectiveness of administrator in comparison to leaders in such sort of organisations. What is Management Management, from an organisational perspective, can be identified as the procedure through which things can get done with the assistance of the people in the organisation. The hard works are planned and directed and the resources are employed and organized for the purpose of achievement of the objective. Within the overall idea of management, the role of the administration needs to be identified. For executing the plans and the decisions on a continuous basis there is requirement of the specific administrative activities that can be assigned to the administrators (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2011). It is worthy of stating that the meaning of the term, ‘organisation’ centres on features associated with traditional bureaucratic structures. An organisation is developed when a group of people is brought together with shared values and are directed towards the attainment of a common set of objectives. An organisation is found to be directing the activities by means of authority relationships where the interaction among the superiors and subordinates takes place. When such type of relationship is taken into consideration, it can be observed that authority runs from top to bottom. In case of bureaucratic organisations, a hierarchy is formed thus leading to division of labour and clarification of the authority relationships (Denhardt, 2010). Leadership It can be stated that leadership is not similar to that of remaining in the place of the authority. Being the person in charge of the company is relatively easier in comparison to being the leader. The person in charge of the company tends to act as an administrator more than that of the leader. The administrator is considered to be a bureaucrat on both the government as well as business sectors. He/she is the person responsible for keeping the records and is also responsible for constantly watching if the things are done as per the rules. Administration may not be as exciting topic as leadership, but it is considered to be one of the most significant aspects of business management in the present context. It is a well known fact that the success of any organisation is greatly dependent upon the extent to which the organisations are administrated. Manager in any complex organisation is considered to be an administrator; however, their job responsibilities tend to be more than only administrating. Therefore, a few skills within an administrator of complex organisation are quite necessary in order to perform the job responsibilities with efficiency (Mills, 2005). It has been observed that every educational centre employs a professional who is well equipped with the necessary experiences and skills. It is because of such experiences that the person is capable of achieving administrative positions. The hurdles in the teaching career that the administrator has to face also play a crucial role in developing his/her potentials and become an effective teacher, counsellor. It is worth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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