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Relationships - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Research Paper There are so many terms that are used to describe the relationship where one partner is domineered by the other. Domestic abuse is very common in so many homes. The homes report the various forms that domestic abuse manifests itself…
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Download file to see previous pages They include stressful situations, substance abuse and many psychological disturbances experienced by the abuser. What is clear is that domestic abuse affects both male and females in any union (Dutton, p 12). For the longest time, males were abused in their relationships. They kept silent because of the stigma that was associated with their abuse. There are currently many forums that have been set up to understand what causes this form of abuse irrespective of gender. Sexual abuse includes rape, incest and other forms where one person is coerced in sexual acts that he or she does not consent to. Physical abuse includes aspects of physical harm inflicted on the victim. This is with the sole aim of introducing fear and pain on the victim. Emotional abuse thrives on the mental abuse that is afflicted on a victim. It ranges from making them feel like they are not good enough by battering their self esteem. All forms of domestic abuse are dangerous. Evidence shows that there is a reason as to why abusers abuse. This is because they have the ability to, and they have people to dominate. Physical abuse is very dominant in marriages. The number of women battered in marriages continues to grow every year. This is as a result of the inadequate action taken in terms of previous statistics and their results (Hampton, p 19). Over the years there has been a worrying trend where women stay in abusive relationships. This is as a result of many issues that psychologists say will take a very long time to deal with. Some women stay in abusive relationships because they see nothing wrong with the habit. Others do not have the ability to move on with their lives because of the limited finances and others because of children. What is clear is that there are very many women in nations all over the world that see physical abuse as normal. Most of the Islamic nations and their women find nothing wrong with physical abuse. Close to 90 % of the women battered in the last three years are quoted saying that they expected to be physically abused at some point. This is because it is an everyday occurrence and they are used to it (Hampton, p 19-22). Others say that they deserved what they got. This is because of their certain actions. The women in question reside in states, for example, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia amongst many others (Hampton, p 23). Others in states, for example, the United States, Russia, and Australia amongst many others stay in abusive relationships because of lack of a definite choice. This is because they feel tied down to their spouses in one way or the other. Many states have changed their general perception on the issue. These are the states that have put in place mechanisms to deal with the issue of domestic abuse. Questions have been raised about how much a victim can take (Dutton, p 26). Barbara Sheehan had been domestically abused for a very long time. One day as she was fighting with her husband, who is a cop, she picked up a gun and shot him. This shot killed the man instantly. She was arrested, and at the time of her arrest, she was observed as very calm and never resisting arrest. She faced a trial chamber to face the outright accusations of murder. After many sittings in court, Barbara was released from custody. She was found not guilty on charges of murder (Dutton, p 37). The reason for the acquittal was given that, for very many years, she had been battered. It was about time before she snapped and defended herself. The pain and humiliation felt for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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