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Do Good Fences make Good Neighbors when defining National Borders - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the immigration never loses its importance as a legal and political issue. The efforts of the US to diminish these illegal activities have greatly burdened the government budget for several years since there are still thousands of immigrants entering the country illegally every year…
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Do Good Fences make Good Neighbors when defining National Borders
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Extract of sample "Do Good Fences make Good Neighbors when defining National Borders"

Download file to see previous pages Several different aspects influence the immigration dynamics at the US-Mexico border. This fence has overall proven to be very effective in curbing unlawful immigration since its construction. This especially refers to San Diego, where the construction of the fence was initiated, resulting in a 14-mile fence in the California area (Werner, 2005). This effectiveness if proven by the reports, which claim that the illegal immigration count decreased from “202,000 in the year 1992 to only nine thousand in the year 2004” (Massey, 2005), thus proving that the fence was successful in its immigration control. While the objective of the fence became fulfilled, it created some additional and unforeseen problems. This especially includes the agitation it caused amongst people residing on either sides of the border as these families enjoy social and cultural interconnection with each other (Tuman, 88-97). The fence adversely affected these meaningful and significant ties, playing the same role that the Berlin Wall did in Germany, as experts claim. Just as the Berlin Wall had a severely negative impact on the thinking of German people, in terms of social, cultural as well as emotional aspects (Gallegos, 1729-1778), the fence also had considerable negative impact on perceptions. It degraded the image of the US, and as the Mexican President said, “It is deplorable to go ahead with this decision of the wall at the border...The wall will not solve any problem. Humanity made a huge mistake by building the Berlin Wall and I believe that today, the United States is committing a grave error in building the wall on our border” (, 2009). This quote from the Mexican President clearly...
This essay discusses that yet, experts may counter this perspective by claiming that while Mexicans do make a significant contribution to the US economy, they are usually willing to accept pay rates that are low enough to create resentment amongst some of the US citizens, who cannot afford to compete with such low rates. This negative emotion starts with resentment and often develops into a more deep-seated hatred, which draws on their cultural and social differences as well.
Thus, it is imperative to note that the 2000-mile fence will come with a significant increase in the problems already existing on the US-Mexico front. It may create resentment amongst these citizens and may lead to an unhealthy division amongst these previously harmonized communities. Only the future can confirm whether the positive effects will outweigh the negative effects. Furthermore, it may also discourage other countries who may change their stance on immigration to the US, due to its seemingly exclusive immigration policies. Thus, the US would lose a significant contribution to the economy for which the immigrants were responsible. Finally, one should also note that while the cost of this fence was around four to eight billion dollars, the state of California has been spending around ten billion dollars in efforts to counter the illegal immigration problems. This calculation highlights a positive aspect of this fence, showing that the expense will be much less than the cost that the state was already bearing due to the unlawful immigration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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