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The paper "United States Border Control Problems and Solutions" presents a picture of the border control policies, issues, and possible solutions to such issues. Before and after the 9/11 attacks, the US government has set in place various policies to protect the US against illegal migrants, criminal activities from across the border, and terrorists.  …
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United States Border Control Problems and Solutions
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Download file to see previous pages Alternative programs which help provide solutions to the border control issues in the United States should include three main points: (1) that the program must ensure sufficient control over unauthorized entry and work, or that the program must be a supplement – not a substitute – for illegal activities in the US; (2) that employers must also have sufficient incentive in the hiring of domestic workers before foreign workers are hired; (3) that the program must set forth remedies to ensure that the rights of temporary workers are protected (LoBreglio, p. 958).  The protection of immigrant workers’ rights is an important consideration and requirement in securing successful solutions to the border control issues.  Historically, illegal aliens and even guest workers have not enjoyed bargaining rights in the workplace and political rights as individuals (LoBreglio, p. 958).  Illegal aliens who are mostly economic migrants point out that they do enjoy better lives in the US and they emphasize that the problem also lies with their own government and in the insufficient opportunities given to them in their native countries.  In order to resolve the problem of illegal aliens, the US needs to coordinate its efforts with other countries, especially with the Mexican and the Canadian government.  The Congress can do this by focusing its attention on specific populations and secure the rights of such population by “incorporating directly into immigration law the human rights and transparency elements of Canadian and European Union policy” (LoBreglio, p. 959). Congress must also further the protection of guest workers by including provisions for the allocation of funds for state or non-governmental organizations towards education programs which would teach guest workers about their rights and obligations under the US laws (LoBreglio, p. 959).  These programs must also be based on their native language and must focus on their issues and concerns as migrants.  Such programs must also not overly focus on legal terminologies which would not be understood by the migrants; instead, they must focus on giving migrants practical and relatable instructions, especially instructions they would need in order to ensure that their stay in the US would be within legal limits.  Sound education programs can successfully reduce the burden of such aliens to American society and help reintegrate them into their society upon their return to their native countries (LoBreglio, p. 959). Programs which also attempt to educate the general public in relation to the reasons and consequences of illegal immigration can also help reduce abuse and negative stereotypical thoughts against migrant workers (LoBreglio, p. 960).  Sanctions issued against employers hiring illegal aliens can also help deter or reduce the hiring of aliens.  It is also important to educate employers about the process they can undertake in order to gain legal workers and the repercussions of illegally employing aliens (Lobreglio, p. 960). The possible passage of a law which specifically protects the rights of illegal immigrants can also be considered by the concerned authorities.  Such law can direct the immigrants in gaining direct access to the Ombudsman or other human rights agencies.  For example, phone numbers for the Immigration Department of the Mexican National Commission for Human Rights can be posted at Mexican alien detention centers (LoBreglio, p. 960).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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