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International Perspectives on the Promotion of Health - Essay Example

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Health promotion is a very important subject which needs due attention of the governments and the international health agencies such as the World Health Organization. The Bangkok Charter established and adopted by the World Health Organization identifies the commitments, pledges and actions which are essential for the promotion of health globally…
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International Perspectives on the Promotion of Health
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Download file to see previous pages The Bangkok Charter plays the pivotal role for the promotion of health internationally and also provides the guidelines necessary for the promotion of health locally. The charter establishes various policies through which various countries within a particular region can join hands and work together for the improvement of health and health quality. Public Health Promotion is a very extensive and wide-spread phenomenon with far reaching consequences therefore it involves various important factors which include housing, food security, employment and quality working conditions. Health can only be ensured if the people of a country are provided with the essentials of life and are fed well. Another factor that has added to the deteriorating situation of health is the workplace stress and employment worries, so job security and a healthy working environment is very much necessary for the ensuring health of the people. The next important thing is the educating the people about the importance of adopting various strategies for ensuring health. Therefore promotion of health is a very complicated process in which the various other factors which affect the lives of the individuals also need to be studied. This is the reason that the Bangkok Charter has identified the following groups and organizations as critical in the promotion and achievement of health: 1. Governments and Politicians 2. Civil Society 3. The Private Sector 4. International Organizations 5. Public Health Community Factors Influencing Public Health Promotion: Provision of health in the its best form is the right of each and every individual living on this earth and is necessary for improving the quality of life and living standard of individuals and nations. Health promotion enables people to identify the possibilities and opportunities available to them for leading a healthy life and by gaining all this knowledge about maintaining health they are in a better position to safeguard their health and utilize the facilities made available to them by the government and the other health promotion agencies. The various important factors which influence health on an international, national and local level include: 1. Social and Economic changes occurring at national and international level which affect the lives of the people 2. Increasing inequalities between the economic progress and technological advancement between countries and between different regions of the same country 3. Inequalities of financial status of people living within the region of a country 4. Clinical factors which include the standard of education in a country and also the manufacturing standards of medicine 5. New patterns of resource consumption in the changing global scenario which are dictated by technological advancement 6. Commercialization of the health institutes and the pharmaceutical industries has also affected the health of people 7. Global changes in environment which have took place due to the increase in carbon content in environment resulting in global warming 8. Enhancement of provision of knowledge through advancement in communication technology 9. Rapid urbanization and movement of people from rural to urban areas Environmental factors determining the health of people include the air quality, water and sanitation, weather conditions and the geographic conditions of a region. The environmental conditions if favorable for the people living in an area cause a positive impact on the health. For example if the air quality is good, this implies that the diseases and disorders caused due to air pollutants and air borne bacteria will not affect the population. Similarly, millions of people are affected each year ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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