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Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration - Case Study Example

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The case study "Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration" discovers the perks of social work…
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Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration
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Extract of sample "Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages The last incidence of violence that Zainia experienced was so intense to the point the neighbors heard the altercations between the two and alerted the police. It is from that point that Zainia separated with her husband as she moved to a refugee camp together with her children to seek solace from the violence she has been subjected to repeatedly. Zainia’s children are currently not attending school since those amenities are not available in the refugee camp. At this instance, as a social worker, I intend to build a relationship with Zainia with the assistance of an interpreter since she does not understand English so as I would be able to assess her condition, develop a contract as well as devise an elaborate intervention plan that will be aimed to help her out of the problems she currently encountering (McInnis-Dittrich, 2014).
The process will be divided into four main phases whereby the initial stage will be sourcing for an appropriate interpreter who will be able to link Zainia with me to ensure I get all the relevant information that I require from her. The ideal interpreter for this case should be able to understand Zainia’s native language and preferably of Afghanistan origin to understand better other cultural ramifications in Zainia’s case. The next step will be conducting an assessment of the situation Zainia is currently facing. After all the inherent issues have been outlined a contract plan of how we intend to address them will be developed by coming up with a problem prioritization scale that determines which problems need to tackle first in the order of their urgency. The last step will involve an intervention plan to the issues outlined to ensure Zainia gets back to her normal happy life (Humphreys, 2000).
The primary objective of social work is to empower the client by instilling confidence and knowledge in the person to enable him/her to make rational judgment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration Case Study, n.d.)
Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration Case Study.
(Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration Case Study)
Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration Case Study.
“Zainia and the Difficulties of Immigration Case Study”.
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