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Gender Inequality in Oleanna - Movie Review Example

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“Oleanna” is a movie that talks about many issues like materialism and gender inequality that exists in a campus environment. An author of the current review seeks to critically discuss sexually exploiting behavior through an analysis of the main character in the movie…
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Gender Inequality in Oleanna
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Extract of sample "Gender Inequality in Oleanna"

Download file to see previous pages So in this movie, we can see that Carol is exploited by her professor in some way and this truly is a case of materialism and gender inequality. In this story, the character Carol had to approach John as his lectures were too much of a burden for this struggling student to absorb. His overly verbose lectures were not in alignment with the capability of Carol and this leads her to approach him in private. Here in the play, we can see that many times John had placed a hand over Carol’s shoulder which indicates leniency for sexual advancement. Even though Carol had mentioned sexual assault we can see that she also developed compassion for her teacher which cannot be neglected.
In the movie, we can see that Carol is a struggling student and the narration of the subject by the teacher is not absorbable by her. Here we cannot blame Carol because lecturers need to understand that every student has a unique studying capability and hence lectures need to be simple and explanative. So due to the inadequacy of the teacher the students had to approach him to enquire more about the subject. Here we can see that the weakness of Carol is taken as an advantage by the professor. Why our society is materialistic? Basically the answer is that men have always seen women as sexual objects and how much ever developed a society is her position has not changed enough.
We can understand through this movie that men do not think about the insecurity of Carol when she approached her professor for help. Even if Carol made a wrong move it is the duty of the teacher to protect her from evil thoughts. But in this movie, the professor on various occasions prompted her to indulge in a sexual encounter and the girl somehow was confused as she wanted to pass the test. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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